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I chose to put up an ad at casting call pro to source out actors or people suitable for each of my urban cathegories. Unfortunatley I did not have a massive turn up in terms of people that applied for any of the roles. But luckily I had some applications and went through them througoughly to find the right people for the right categories. 

ARTIST - Elena Saenz

The actor and artist I chose to go with for the role of "street artist / artist" was Elena Saenz. She is an actor that recently moved to London after a long acting career in Spain. The reason why I wanted to go with Elena was because she had the right looks and style for my project. 

Elena creates beautiful mandals, where she is often inspired by the sea, and a lighthouse that used to be near where she lived in spain. I really liked this style of art, and thought it would be a great asset to the artsy side of my project - as well as to add colour, crispness and spark. 

The first I did to try and source out some parkour artists was to google parkour in London and Maidstone, it was quite hard and a challenge to find something that was still running and active. But luckily I eventyally found an active group in london from the University UCLU - where one of their uni-societies is a parkour club/society. I contacted them and was lucky to get to tag along for their training.


Originally I was going to have a street musician as a character in my fiction adaptation, I was able to get in contact with a street musician in Maidstone town centre. But unfortunaly the person did not get back to me, did not answer emails or phone calls, therefore I will either ask someone in London, or I will have to drop the whole character from the idea.


As another charcter for my project I have decided to have a dancer, whereas this dancer is supposed to  represent the mess and confusion in the girl in the bathrooms head. I put an ad up on CCP, had some applications. Unfortunatly the dancer I chose to go with dropped out.  I was able to find a new dancer through Sammi in our year, but unfortunaly she was in the end not able to do the days I need her for. I am now in current search of a new dancer in London, and if I dont get any luck I will have to use a friend to step in and pretend to be a dancer. 


I will be going to London, Southbank Skatepark to find a couple of skaters to film. If there are none that wants to be in it or I get told to leave and not to film because of the location on the southbank, I have a backup location with a skatepark in Rochester I might be able to use.


When on location I have made sure to have consent forms that the actors signed. Here is one of the consent forms I signed with the dancer in my production. I chose not ot upload all the others, as I feel one displays that I have done and understood the usage of consent forms.


First I made one risk assesment as I filmed in the end of November, but as people dropped out and could not film on the days I had prepeared for I had to book out equipment for another week. Therefore I made a new risk assesment which is the one bellow - However I have decided to drop the smoke grenades as it is too much of a hassle to use them in public. The printed version has the parts about the smoke grenade crossed out. 


As to make sure that my adaptation would have a storyline even though it is built up as in a montage structure, I wanted to make a shotlist to part up the different urban groups, people and artist we meet, so they all have their own space in the poem. And somehow what is said or written in the poem goes or suits better with one art form rather than the other. 


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