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Topical Waffle is a web show news squish that covers everything 
that happened in the world this week. Politics, Sports, Movies, TV, it's got it all, y'know?
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At the very beginning of our groups first sit-down, Josh showed us two episodes he had come across, each lasting for a duration of two and a half minute. It was a great icebreaker as it was propped with humor and fun, we all laughed our hearts out and some even ended up in tears from laughing so hard. 

We decided that this was a great short series to use as inspiration for out project. It contained elements we were looking for such as, the length of episodes, set up style, humor, fresh and up to date topics. After watching both episodes, and talking about the fun topics being mentioned in the show we all decided on some bullet points of what we would like to include or base our news episode with.

- Funny
- Random
- Direct but silly
- Internet stock photo´s/videos/clips

It is important for us to make sure that our news channel did not become boring or too serious, as it is for students and we want to keep it up to date, at a high speed and fun. As well as engaging and involving the audience. 

On the other side, this series also makes it clear that the content can quickly become over dramatised/a bit too much. Which is a great pinpoint for us as we now go into the script writing phase. Being aware of this while creating our own script is key, as we don't want to over-exaggerate and end up with nonsense.

Here are some of the things I noticed set wise, that can be used as a input for our own set;

 - Different props that altogether can complete a quirky expression 
- Well thought through outfit for the host/presenter
- Colours representing the brand

 What we have concluded and decided set wise:

- Green screen background for the "studio" acenes
- Presenter will stand up straight
- Colours true to the brand, in our case orange and/or purple

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//Images screenshot from episode 2, on YouTube

//Sources of information.
Topical Waffle:

The workshop task;

Notes / Research : 

- Statistics used in the news piece are from 2010 = 6 years old. And they are still being used and referenced to as a source in the news cases of today - 2016.
- RSPCA - are focusing and working towards a complete ban of any wild animals in circuses. 
- Scotland has submitted plans to their government to ban animals in the circus. 
- "The Empty Promise" from the government. - DEFRA - Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, manifesto commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. 
- In the meantime - the government body - DEFRA - have put a strict licencing system in place to ensure the welfare of any wild animals in circuses. 
- A circus is misleading their audience by saying their "rebranded" as an "Educational evening" as the audience may be under the impression of this circus helping the animals. When in fact, this is just a circus by another name. 

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Our case;

Pre title-intro:

"Six years after the conservative party promised to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, the government have yet to act. Tonight we have an exclusive report, that exposes the traveling circuses that continue to abuse wild animals for entertainment purposes, and the loopholes they use to get away with it"

 - Opening titles

Report -intro:

This week the Scottish government submitted their plans to ban the use of wild animals in circus performances. Which raises questions as to why the conservative government are yet to act on their manifesto promises to put a ban in place by 2015. With public interest in the welfare of the animals increasing, we went undercover to investigate traveling circuses. This report does contain some distressing images.

Report content:

- Secretly filmed videos
- Interviews with representatives from -  RSPCA and -  National Centre for Circus Art
- Information about current government policies and loopholes the circuses uses to avoid responsibility


We asked the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs for an interview, they declined but  issued this statement;
"We have a manifesto commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. We will deliver this ban as soon as parliamentary time allows.   
In the meantime, we have a strict licencing system in place to ensure the welfare of any wild animals in circuses. This includes both announced and unannounced inspections, care plans for every animal, regular veterinary inspections and a retirement plan for each animal.”
We will keep you updated as this story develops, this has been Wire News, brought to you by Apple. - Goodnight and remember, "Think different"

// After the read through at the end of the workshop, I realised and learnt that a news case can quickly become too wordy or have too much information or even information of none importance. It was an eye opener as to how we will have to be precise when we write the script. And leave out non-important chit chat, and be direct and straight to the point to get the most out of the time we have at disposal. 

//Image shot by me with iPhone 6

//Sources of information

The concept of and layout of our website consists of different categories or columns if you like, that each brings up different subjects/themes. As a whole, it creates the backbones of the concept and binds the news channel together.

- What is (Un)Social Yak - 
(Un)Social Yak is one of a total of, so far five categories, on our news channel - Student Yak.  It consists of bringing up news about all the stories about/in social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. The name of this category orientated when our group was talking about how us students are being unsocial but social at the same time. As we are active and participating daily on social media. - Basically yak about social media platforms, stories on them and everything we love and hate about it.

 -News cases research - 

As the category I have chosen is about the stories on social media as well as the media platforms themselves I have been researching the web for inspiration to different cases relevant to the subject.

iPhone 7 - Release react

As most of us by now have heard about Apple has just recently released their new phone model, the iPhone 7. As soon as the product information about the new phone was made public, right away the internet was boiling hot.

There are several people, as always when Apple releases new products, that had pre-ordered or stood in lines to get this marvelous new phone. After checking them out and playing around, apparently people found the phone to make weird noises. Something a new phone owner does not want is to pay sky high prices for a product that has malefunctions. Another thing the web is talking about regarding the new phones is the new headphone solution. 

Twitter users around the world are sharing their thoughts on the new tangle free Bluetooth system. All directed as criticism towards Apple and their product. - I checked out the trending #-tags on twitter to see what people are talking about, as well as the tweets mentioning the new iPhone 7.


The topic of iPhone´s recent release can be put in context with students and their interests as the brands themselves such as Apple are out there on social media. - In these days it is important for people and especially young people/students to show that "I am real". The secret for the superbrands is that they are so universal that everybody wants them.


The power of the superbrands come from us!
The brands are built up after a pyramid;

At the top is the Most Expensive, then somewhere in the middle price class, and at the bottom is the cheapest (for example sunglasses) - The top of the pyramid is the most attractive for the people/consumers, as well as most attractive for the brands. 


As a concept within the (Un)Social category, a good idea would be to try out new apps that hit the marked, as well as suggest the most useful apps you need on your phone as a student. As well as students can contribute to sharing their experiences with different apps - make suggestions to fellow students.

Meme of the day

One of the big things on the internet these days are memes, 

  1. 1
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.¨

We have all seen them at one point, and they often help brighten up our day and is surprisingly very relatable. Therefore I did some research on facebook on memes, and quite right they just popped up in my feed! This gave me the idea of having memes as a part of communicating with the audience - students once a day. And make them feel in some way connected to or that they can relate. An idea is to have students send in their own created meme´s in hopes that their meme´s get posted to the channel and its social media accounts. - therefore the title, "Meme of the day"



This student participated in theUniversity Challenge at BBC Two Quiz Show this Monday, and has turned into quite a Twitter sensation. This to do with his rapid and prompt answers as well as face expressions. Relevant, funny and yet again a relatable case. 

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// Tinder

Tinder, a well known dating app amongst teenagers and students. So how about exploring the fields of Tinder, documenting to the cahnnel. It could be 

- Students experiences gained with/through dates from Tinder 
- The Tinder date from hell
- Tinder - the tips and tricks to find the perfect match..

A lot of different ideas, posts or even web clips can be invented around this theme.


Instagram, one of the great picture sharing apps out there. IG has been around for a long time, as well as the users of it, wich means there is a reason for it to still be a thing, right? Kind of just like Facebook has been around without losing its popularity over the night.

Different concepts can be made revolving IG, like for example;

- Study inspo - pictures to inspire the students in their everyday life and middle of studying
- Insta crap - the most crappy pictures out there
- Insta fame - how to become famous on Instagram
- Insta homework - how to get it done in no time, using IG

In general this case can offer the latest Insta scoops that is relevant for students. 



As (Un)Social Yak is my category to look after in this project, I definitely think Snapchat is a platform that should be a key element to the channel. It will work as a way to communicate directly with the audience where they can see everything that is going on at the channel (maybe behind the scenes - follow the crew) updates, challenges, they can send in their meme´s, easy to have Q&A´s or even just to ask them directly what content they are interested in seeing next. 

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Previous notes from education at Mysen Videregående
- Media and Communication studies -



Instaram  App

A new year at UCA, with new opportunities, and my group and I started off this years first unit with a laugh and excitement. - For the second year of University´s first unit, we have been briefed and started development of our Digital News Production. In this unit, we will be required to design our own branded online digital news channel via a website or such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

This time, I had a thought that I wanted to work in a group with some new people, and realized after teaming up with Josh, Nisserin and Rebecca that I have never actually worked on a unit with Becca and Nisserin before! Which I find to be exciting and I am really looking forward to developing our group dynamics as we go forward with our project. 

After teaming up and sitting down we immediately started to brainstorm for the assignment, I had done som thinking before we started this unit and suggested that our channel should involve or revolve around students. We all agreed that this was a great starting point. I decided to draw a map of thoughts. To get a hold of all our ideas and suggestions. Josh showed us some great humours news-sketches (Topical Waffle - with Jimmy Fallon ) and it didn't take us long to know that we wanted to go down the lane of a humour news channel. We had so much fun brainstorming and two hours flew by faster than the speed of light before we even realized that everyone in our year had left the base room.

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During our sit down we made sure to divide the work and spread it out so each and one of us now have "homework" / research to do until next lab workshop. Even tough we have taken on the different roles we are a very open group, agreed to help each other out on set and if we´re stuck on research. We have decided that the writer will be writing a base for the script and we will all sit down and shape the details of it as a group together.

Here is a list of the roles we have taken on:


Director & Writer - Rebecca Bennnett
Camera & Cinematography - Nisserin Bessioua
Sound & Sound design - Ida Frank
Presentor & Editor - Joshua Jones

We have already decided on a name for our News channel (Details in an own blogpost) as well as we want to create a website for our channel and consept. We have chosen WIX.com as our website platform, and as I got home I started to have a browse at the different templates avalible to see what can possibly suit our theme, channel and aimed audience. 

On our website we have chosen to have different sub categories that will deal with different aspect of the channel´s information and content. Our homework to next lab workshop will consist of researching the categories we have chosen as "our own", and find relevant news cases that can be linked to our theme and consept or somehow be developed into a relevant news case for our production. 

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//Top image from Google.com
//Desk image shot by using iPhone 6
//Screenshot from WIX:com

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