Montage Workshop


As part of preperation of this unit we had a Montage workshop, where it would make it clearer for us in the sense of what montage is, and how we can use it in our adaptation as a way of telling a story through using an editing style of asembling different shots that add a new sophisticated elemnt to the cinematography.

My group consisting of Becca, Nisserin, Josh and myself had kind of missunderstood the task assignment as to the preperation of the workshop. However, we ended up making it wotk in the sense of telling a story through various use of shots.


I would say that I defenitley learned what a montage is not, and decided to look more in to the research of what a montage is. And found out that if we were to qualify our little workshop montage video, it would be the second of Eisensteins 5 methods of montage - Rythmic montage.

- Rythmic montage concerns itself with what´s in the frame - cutting in tempo with the action.

I learned a lot from watchnig everyones, and realized that we could have made morre changes to our idea and the way it was filmed as to achieve our video to classify more as a montage. The sense of cutting clips together not necesserily with an underlaying storyline - but creating one through the usage of clips representing the meaning of the story you are trying to tell.

The workshop was definitley an eye opener as to now knowing how to incorporate it in my own production of the fiction adaptation.

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