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During the last couple of days, I have been doing research towards my self-portrait by looking at different portraits by other artists. As well as finding inspirational images of ideas I might want to try out and/or include in my own video. 

Dha Siamwalla Winsor & Newton Water Colour: Venus, Dove, Flora

Photographer: Sittiphan Chaiterdsiri

Dha Siamwalla Winsor & Newton Water Colour: Venus, Dove, Flora

Photographer: Sittiphan Chaiterdsiri

Google.com - from Words by Heather Magee


Beatriz AG [351-365] Magazine experience

Ryan Pump - Splash

Alex Medeot - Box head 11

Jess Craven - Char // Milk portraits

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     slow motion: "drop" from Christoph Pantel on Vimeo.
I have chosen this short video/clip to show how I got inspired to play around with slow motion and perhaps water. 

With this film I got inspired to perhaps introduce elements of glass into my portrait. As well as probably drawing/painting on it, and also bring in elements of mirror.
      Self Portrait from zee on Vimeo.
This portrait by Zee inspired me as to bringing purity and structured details into my project. And it also triggered me to bring in elements of high and/or low key lighting.
      SELF PORTRAIT // AMANDA SZABO from Amanda Szabó on Vimeo.
This portrait I have chosen to inspire and affect my sound design. As well as I also like some of the visual elements used in it. The way Amanda has used the diegetic sound to create a sound design floating into the non-diegetic, amuses and interests me. A great inspiration towards sound design.

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Character 1 - Eddie Dunford, youthful, ambitious
Character 2 - Bill Hadley, grey hair and grey eyes
Character 3 - Detective Superintendent Maurice Jobson 
Character 4 - Barry Gannon, skinny, single, obsessed
Character 5 - Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Molloy, late 50´s, a big man, dangerous
Characters 6 - Mr and Mrs Kemplay

-  In Leeds, blue skies and fluffy clouds

- A construction site 

- M1 motorway

- Conference room at police station

Character 1 - Jack O´Connell

Character 2 - Hugh Laurie

Character 3 - Collin Ferell

Character 4 - Nicholas Hoult

Character 5 - Ray Winstone

Characters 6 - Lena Headey 

 Ben Affleck

Director of photography - Håvar Karlsen - Det Tredje Øyet/The Third Eye
Production designer - Vincent Jefferds - Criminal Minds
Editor - Nina Gilberti - Criminal Minds

Tone and style:

//Image from Movies In Color

//All images from google.com


In our second unit, the project evolves around directing. We are challenged to direct a self-portrait - (1-2 minutes) as well as directing scenes from a chosen drama series - (5-6 minutes) and recreate them into the style of the direction we want them to be. Our style, and our interpretations.

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"The Mentalist"

A 20 to 25 episodes American drama-crime series from CBS, between 2008 and 2015. "Famous "psychic" outs himself as fake and starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he can find ´Red John,` the madman who killed his wife and daughter."

The directors on the episodes of this series has been:
David Nutter, Chris Long, Norberto Barba, Charles Beeson, Eric Laneuville + others.

I got recommended this series by a friend of mine, and logged on to youtube to check out a few clips, and it just captured my attention and interest from the first few clips and episodes. So it turned out I liked it, and then I started looking at the direction style to see what it was like. The already exciting style of direction interested me, as well as inspired me to get to know how I can do it. A lot of the different shots are very "normal" and standard, so it inspired me to see what I can do to mix it up a little bit and try to give it more details and perhaps a new/interesting way of looking at things.

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//All images from goole.com
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