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PAPER STAIN from Ida Frank on Vimeo.

" Story-telling "
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Under the process of working with this unit I have worked independent with both idea development, planning, research and execution of filming and the completion of the project. I have spent the time we had at our disposal good, and managed to structured move from one part of the unit to the other. 

The actors I used for this project were Tristan Pegg and Jack Taylor, where Tristan was found through the process of Casting Call Pro, and Jack is a friend of mine that were able to step in to the role last minute, due to an withdraw from another actor. Which turned out to be a very good choice, as the chemistry between the two actors works really well, and they both do a great job portraying the characters. I chose Tristan out of the applicants because I felt like could fit the role, he really spoke to me int he sense of how I had kind of pictured Kayden to look like. 

I chose to write my story the way I did, because I feel like it expresses a good storyline, as well as I wanted to achieve something with it. Like I mentioned earlier, of how I didn't want it to be a cliche, I wanted it to be a strong and bold story with a lot of different aspects and development. I simply did not want it to be all A4,  therefore I went on to make a beautiful yet sad love story about to young men, that are no different than any other love story told on film. I know that there is still places, older generations and countries where this is not normalised, and I hope this story can contribute to the right of equality, and a normalisation of any gender relationships, no matter your orientation or origin.

The goal with this unit was to learn, experience and develop our creative skills within storytelling, and to learn how to write a proper script. The goal I had in my story was to have it fulfil the criteria to how a story should be. I wanted to make sure that both characters would get to shine, and develop as well as to let their stories being told in deserved and good way.  I wanted to portray this love story in this way, because I feel that any other relationships apart from straight ones, are looked at in a different light. And I think that it shouldn't be like that. We are all human, and we all have the capability to share love, no matter man or woman, religion or origin. Therefore I wanted to have this film step forward as an example for this. And show that there isn´t any difference, in love. 

I found this unit to be both fun and challenging, in the way that I thought I had an idea of how a script should be. But ended up realising that there is a lot more behind it, than it looks. What I found particularly hard, was changing up how I am used to writing short stories fictionally, to having to write very structured and strictly follow the script set up. I feel like we had enough length of time to write our scripts, however I do believe that it would have been a good idea to start the script workshops even earlier, and then the writing process so that we could have been able to get our script feedback maybe a week before shooting weeks. Anyways I feel like I have used the time well, and that I have also made the most out of it. Next time, I would have put of a little bit more time to the prep work before shooting, as I this time got a bit eager, and put of a bit to short amount of time.

When it comes to if the goal has been reached, I want to say that I am very pleased with my finished product. I have learnt that screenwriting is not what I want to do, at the same time as it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. I feel that the criteria for the unit has been reached, and that I have managed to tell a story quite comprehensive, and at the same time quite simple. I also feel like I have been able to achieve the look and style I was going for, and I am very pleased with how it looks. All in all a product I mean answers the assignment, and shows understanding for technique, editing tools, writing as well as camera technique. 

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A short film 
Francesca Coppola
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Quick facts:
- Narrative drama
- Duration aprox. 19 min
- Released by "1985 Artists"


Deragh Campbell .......... Jonny 
Kentucker Audley .......... Sam
Evan Louison ................. Shane
Kelley Karel ................... Mother 
Gilbert Girion ................. Father

Produced by 
Francesca Coppola 
Gioele Donnamaria 
Jean Prince

Executive Producers
Ryan MacDuff
Valeria de Vellis

Director of Photography ..... Spencer Katz
Art Director ......................... Zoe Koke 
Edit / Sound Design ........... Jean Prince

In this short film we get introduced to the main character already from the beginning, and we understand her relation to the man as a girlfriend/wife. Early on we understand there is something not right in this relationship, and that the main character seem quite miserable.

What I dont seem to understand as a viewer at times, is if some of the scenes are flashbacks or not. And this confuses me in a way, of not knowing wether or not they are in a good place with their relationship now, or if it was in the past.

Their issues just escalate as she seems somewhat tempted by another man, because she is in such a miserable state. And it ends up in them having a fight, and he drives off, leaving her alone in the dark.

What I really like about this film, is how they have managed to create this "old/vintage" atmosphere. And the colour palette is very tasteful and thought through as well, and I also think most of the cinematography sits really well. Even though there are aspects of this film that I like, I have chosen to use this as an example of how it did, as well as did not affect my project.

Mainly the way this film has influenced my project, is in how I dont want a flow to be like. Even thought the story does flow, and there are a lot of show not telling. I feel like it is dragging out too long. Even though the aesthetics is good, and I can see what the director is trying to achieve, it does not work for me. The scenes are too long, with nothing in particular happening in them. This can again portray the story of how their relationship is. But it gets too boring for me, does´t keep me in my seat without losing focus or concentration.

Therefore I have chosen to use this as an example of what I did not want my story to be like, and I feel that having an example of how something influenced my project in what I do not to want to do is also a good thing. It will then show how it helped shape my story to become even better, and that I am also critical to the research I have done, and films I have watched.

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//Sources of information

Initial Ideas & testing them 

When I was developing my idea in the beginning of this project, my first two ideas were:

- One, about a girl and a boy, where one of them would drop a diary and lead the person picking it up on a quest to find the other one. Where it would might lead to a romantic ending where they would find, or not get each other.

- Two, about this boy or girl repeatedly visiting a secondhand/vintage shop that would sell all sorts of bits and bobs. But there would seem like no one was around, working there to handle costumers. Until one day they meet, the boy or girl and the crazy and intriguing character that owns the shop. And that character would in some way take this boy or girl on a fairytale.Weather in reading him/her a story from a book, or telling about all the bits and bobs in the store etc.

When I looked closer in to the ideas, I found the first one to be more intriguing and the one to have the best potential to be told in a "short" 10 page script. But, I did not like the idea as it was. Simply because I did not want it to be a cliche. That was when I started to play around with it, and form it into what it became. I tried visualising both a girl and boy, girl and girl, as well as boy and boy for the story. And ended up on boy and boy. The specific reason for this is because of how I feel being gay in my generation of today, is just the same as being straight. But that there is not enough platforms out there showing this off. Therefore I wanted to make a beautiful yet sad love story, that are no different than any other love story told on film. I know that there is still places, older generations and countries where this is not normalised, and I hope this story can contribute to the right of equality, and a normalisation of any gender relationships, no matter your orientation or origin.

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On Wednesday 11th of November we had our script feedback sessions with Steve Coombes, where he gave us a "script report" on the story and structure, action and dialogue as well as formatting and layout of our stories. In each of these paragraphs he gave constructive critique to help improve my script, and for it to work even better as a screenplay. 

It wasn't the biggest modifications to be done to the script, but a couple of things needed adjustment and to be changed up a bit. As well as the stage directions had to be looked at and improved. 

Changes I have made to the script, after the script feedback:

- The dialogue of the Employee in the book bazaar
- Removing and adding/replacing words in scene headings
- Changing up the scene in the adoptive parents house + changing the dialogue
- Removed the colleague conversation, and added new aspects and details to the scene
- Over all, touch up of the scene headings
- Managing and fixing typo´s
- Changing up the ending to make it work even better

//All images screenshot from PAPER STAIN - Footage

 - Part of prep-work -

Before I went out to start shooting my trailer, I went out on location scouting to see and find all of the different locations I wanted to film in. Prior to that, I found the colour palette I wanted to get inspiration from, and colours to try and stick to. Luckily the weather this month of November, during shooting, has been just perfect. With grey skies, foggy horizons and an overall even lighting outdoors. 

(Colour Palette chosen from to use as inspiration)

It was important to go out and look at, investigate and ask for permissions to shoot in the locations I found. Mainly to be prepared both for the sake of actors and crews safety, as well as the public. And not to be in any kind of disturbance for the public/people around. It was as important to get green lights from the private locations, as well as from Kent Film office on the public ones, and to get confirmation that it would be possible to shoot on the selected shooting days. 

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 - Riverside -

- Detail shot of Jack Taylor - 

- Rochester Highstreet -

- Costa Coffee -

- Baggins Book Bazaar -
England´s largest secondhand bookshop

I decided to use these locations because they all matched the looks and had the the set of how I imagined, and pictured it to be. The most amazing was the fact that the book bazaar was just perfect, and exactly as in my imagination. Even though I hadn't visited it before I went to look at it. That was especially fun, to have it match that well. All the other locations as well, were carefully handpicked to match the setting and overall expression of my film.
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//All images shot by me
with Cannon 600D

A short film directed 
Mark Columbus
- -
Adapted screenplay by Neville Kiser

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Quick facts:
- Narrative Drama 
- Duration aprox. 12 min
- Based on the short story "Guests," written by 
Robert Boswell of "The Heyday of The Insensitive Bastards"
- Official Selection 2014 Telluride Film Festival

When Charlie (Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez) and his family move to a warmer climate for the sake of his father's (Matthew Modine) illness, he finds himself between losing his father - and a conflict with a vicious bully at school.

Rico Rodriguez
Matthew Modine

 Directed by Mark Columbus
Executive Producer James Franco
roducer Tatenda Mbudzi
Adapted Screenplay by Neville Kiser
Director of Photography Andrew Wesman
Editor Mark Columbus & Javier Bosques

2nd Unit Director of Photography Steven Huffier
Assistant Director Paul Reisinger
2nd Assistant Director Sarah Jean Kruchowski

Producer Jonathan King
Unit Production Manager Adam Sidman
Line Producer: Amy Hartman
Production Design Heidi Koleto
Art Department Ann Gordon
Driver Benjamin Arfmann
Sound Designer Richard N Shapiro

Already from the first frame we are introduced to what seems to be the main character of the film. We can hear the voice over, telling his story, as we also understand that the women with him must be his mother. Early on we also get introduced to the father of the boy, and we learn a great deal about the fact that his health is not in the best condition.

Already from the first step onto the school yard the first day, he encounters the vicious bully. And it is clear that he will eventually have to deal with him sooner or later. This creates a suspense, whereas the audience gets pulled into the story and eagerly pays attention at the same time as unconsciously taking the young boy, Charlie´s, side. 

It is almost unbearable as we witness the raw brutality of Charlie facing the bully and his friends. Charlie is dressing very proper and does also have the same style on his glasses as his father. This can tell us something about the fact that he really looks up to his father, and wants to be as him. Charlie is constantly reading in a book about his fathers disease, which shows the audience that he is very interested and immersed in finding out what he can do to help. Or how he can maybe try to understand what is happening to his father. This shows courage as he is facing the hard truth of what the diagnoses really mean and can or will lead to.

There are several shots of trees in the film, with magnificent lens flares drawing parallels to such as how Charlie feels rootless in his new school. Where he has no friends, and just the bully picking on him. It can also symbolise the great roots of family, and how family stick together and always try to do whats best for one another. Additionally the tree can also be explained to represent what a steady and strong person Charlie´s father truly is.

"Its like a buch of uninvited guests, you didn't ask them to come.They just showed up one day, and didn't go home."

Truly an astonishing story told in a good pace, where you as an audience tend to forget time and place, as you are dragged in to this lovely film universe. Mark manages to create something unique, touching, relevant and real in the space of only 12 minutes. Yet, the film does feel like lasting for longer, and in the best way possible, because as a viewer it makes me want it to. I dont want it to end, and he manages to create a hope in me, a hope that it won't end the way my mind thinks it will. As it is crucial to catch the audience and drag them in to the action, it has to be said that Mark pulls that off just perfectly.

What I like particularly with this film is first and foremost the even and consistent flow of the story, as well as the cinematography! Oh my, the cinematography is what I would phrase as goals. The lense flares, the great focus in each shot, the framing and shot sizes. I love it all. I even struggled to choose which screenshots from the film to use, because each and every shot is amazing. The story telling and cinematography combined makes the most perfect atmosphere come to life before the eyes of the audience.

The colour palette used is also very appealing, and I really like how all the colours are complementary to one another. The "sandy" kind of look it has to it, brings forward the felling of hope, even in the most hardest and saddest times. Everything from furniture, to clothing to props is matching in the same scheme, making it seamlessly sewn together.

How this film has influenced my own project is by how well Mark has managed to make the story feel so raw and real. I got really inspired by the handheld camera technique, and as I mentioned a bit earlier, to me the whole cinematography is goals. I also like the voice over, as this is also something I tend to use as a tool in the films I create. And in general I think this has to be my main inspiration for my project.

If you look at Mark´s other work on his Vimeo channel, it is clearly that this dude has talent! His achievements in filmfestivals reflects this. As well as his own style and way of doing things, which I really like. There is only left to say, how much I enjoyed and loved this film, and that I can't wait to see what he brings to the screen in the future.

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       Guests (Official Selection 2014 Telluride Film Festival) from Mark Columbus on Vimeo.

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