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For our fiction adaptation unit we got handed a leaflet with about 20 different poems, our mission became to find and choose one of them to work on for this project. My choice fell on a poem called "100%" written by the poet Michael James Parker.

The poem is about unity, differences, outsiders, and at the same time about people caring. Its viewing point is of the autors, and he is taking the audience side winning them over by talking to them as we, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters. He makes us feel different, unique and accepted for who we are.

Poet of my chosen poem - Michael James Parker.

Immidiatly as we got handed this brief, and I had chose the poem, some ideas started to swim around in my head. But it wasn´t until I sat down and drew a mind-map that I got all my ideas down on paper and got a clearer image of what I want to achieve, or elements I would like to include.

Mind map notes in bulletpoints;

Poem 100%

- Urban
- Vintage
- Group of friends having fun together

- Dancer

- Artist / street artist - musician

- Abandoned house

- The golden hour

- Parkout - Matrix effect - London

- Grafitti / street art

- Smoke grenades in different colours

- Cigerettes & smoke

- Bathtub

- Southbank skate park London

- Sparklers

- Tattoos / tattoo artist

After brainstorming for ideas, it was very clear to me that I wanted my video to be urban, have a sense of street style and have a handheld natural feel to it. And to be able to explain the idea and story better, I decided to put together a pitch. 

Fiction Adaptation Pitch 

"Meet the very few, the band of brothers and sisters, stepping into the urban world of united expressionism revealed thorugh art and creativity. In a glimpse we see rebellians, copers and people just like you and me, some labled, some not, consistently pulsating with rawness and passion."

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