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During prepearation for this unit not only did I go through images and the text of the poem itself. But I also started to search the web for inspiration in videos and short films already made. Beneath is video clips and films as well as a description to each of them with elements I like and would like to include in my own project. 

Smoke / cigarettes

In this video I really liked the use of smoke/smoke grenades and how the contrast with the light surfaces and the sun up against the persons dark clothes and personality. As well as how you see the smoke of the cigarette and shadows on walls. As well as the feel of being in an abandoned building, waiting for something, waiting to be rescued. The smoke represent something pure, yet it portrays a vail of dissortion.

Red Crown '15 Winter Collection from Anamatis Rene Gibson on Vimeo.

What this video does with storytelling and montage effect is something I really liked. The cigarette she is addicted to, just like the addiction and relying on the man in her life, as well as with her career and life. Portraying her journey in upwards with constant challenges, the feelings of despair and being lost or distanced from the world around oneself.

This Cigarette from LG on Vimeo.


What catched my attention in this video was the use of coreography and editing combined to acheive a sense of soul and pressence in the music and to oneself. The beauty of being grounded to the earth and inside. The colours is also noticeable, and I like that it is by the sea as to being pure. However this would not be relevant to my project as it is not urban in that sense.

This is a very good example of what I have pictured the dancer in my project to perform, in the sense of representing the chaos in the "depressed girls" head in my story. There is somewhat a beauty over it all, as well as it strongly reflects on the mess around and inside the depressed character.

Cassandra :: NYC Contemporary Dance from Marco Schott on Vimeo.


Exactly the type of feel I wish to portrait, except from with the surrealism and crazyness, the smoke, grenades and fireworks portrays a spark and contribute to create action and excitment.

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.


Street lights, people walking by, awareness, as well as distance between the crowds and the artist. The handheld style creates a personal connection between the musician and the audience.

Meet Klaim from Gozphy Visual on Vimeo.


In my project I have decided the sparkler to be a symbol of each of the induviduals/groups of people we meet´s passion towards what they do. If that is painting, drawing, skating, singing, running, jumping and putting that in contrast with one character ("depressed girl") about to lose her spark, and let go of her passion due to feeling disconnected to and shut out by the pressure to be perfect from the world and society around her.

Forevs: Sparkler from Adam Weinberg on Vimeo.

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