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For our studio, we shot this on a greenscreen and wanted to create a virtual studio for it. Josh is our editor and also graphic designer, so when we had shot some test shots in the green screen workshop he sat down to experiment with what were to become our studio background.

- Josh created a suggestion for a studio and showed it to all of us.
- We then all commented on it and noted down the small little changes we wanted to make.

Screen shot from the designer program Josh used

These are the programs Josh used to design our set, and it has been massively helpful for our design, branding and for us to get to the final result we are all so, so happy with.

Sweet Home 3D: A 3D building software that is usually used for architectural design.
Google Sketchup: A 3D modeling software used to create personalized 3D models.

Design 1

Design 2

- The studio background has developed slowly and steadily.
- There has been small changes throughout the process.
- Moving the objects to adjust the positioning.
- We also decided to make the stripes on the wall bigger, due to the fact that it was more pleasing for the eye to watch. And also it fits with our website designe. 

Design 3

Design 4

- We all collaborated to get the final look of the studio that we were all pleased with. 
- We wanted cameras and studio equipment in frame to show that it "is a studio"
- This gives associations to it always being used for shooting
- We also wanted to have a pineapple in the background to make it a "red thread" throughout the whole production, as we also have this on the table in the interview. And mentioned in the content.

Alan Carr Chatty Man Set

It was also mentioned that our set looks a bit like the set of Alan Carr Chatty Man. Josh agreed that it has a similar look to it, which we concluded is a good thing because this show is also informative, entertaining, and humorus just like Student Yak should be. 

//Images screenshot from Josh

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