• In the editing process, Josh has been our editor, and editing is a one man job sitting there cutting and piecing it all together. However our editing has been a very collaborative process in the way of how we have all contributed and shaped the product.
  • Already in the planning of the script when putting up the structure for our story, we were doing the edit almost without even thinking about it. How we chose to go from Intro, to interview and package and back to studio etc. sat a pace for the edit and worked out as a guideline for Josh to follow in the edit. 
  • The script was all shaped and developed by all of us, so by the means of it we all helped out to easen the edit process a teeny bit. Even all the different effects, memes, references to viral videos and wording of the script helped out to make it clear what would actually appear on the screen in the edit. 

Promo Cut -

- For our promo, we decided quite early on that we wanted our promo/trailer to stand out a bit and have a distinct style to it. Therefore we wanted to go all out and decided to start it off as "taking place in the 1960´s".

- When we wrote the script for the trailer we mentioned the words "student yak brings colour to your life", and the thought about how back in the days it was b&w coloured tv broadcasts, and we thought it would be funny to play around with this. Therefore; A TV in our trailer goes from b&w to coloured screen and shows a quick recap/presentation of what our channel offers to the audience.

- After the first edit, we all critically looked at it and agreed that there wasn´t much to point fingers at. Due to good planning and prep for the shoot everything kind of came together exactly how we intended it to. So we decided to just add on our social media links at the end, and kept the edit as it was.

Rough Cut -

- When it comes to the rough cut we had it ready already on Friday 23rd, and we were all very excited to see how our project had roughly come together. It was very close to a fine cut when we viewed it apart from some adjustments like adding the studio background to the green screen clips.

- After our rough cut feedback from Helen the following week, Tuesday, she pointed out how she liked our overall product, but that our interview bit kind of slow down the pace and seems a bit boring and dull compared to the rest of the video which is very fast paced, silly and fun. She also pointed out the colour difference in our live piece, because we shot on two different cameras, and that we in general needed to go over the clips in the interview to make sure they were not too blue or green.

- We also noticed some bits and bobs that we thought should be changed until the next cut, Josh noted these down to work on them up until the fine cut.

Fine Cut -

- When we all sat down the day before the fine cut deadline we were much more happy with how it looked. Josh had now put in all of the virtual studio which gave a very coherent feel to the video.

  •  We decided to sit down and look at the details and look at what extra little bits we could do to change up the interview for it to be more fun. 
  •  We added a new music track with more upbeat music
  •  Included some more of only our contributor talking and not so much the presenter. 
  • We added in little pictures of objects with sound effects matching some of the words she was saying to make it more silly.
  • We also added a picture slide of our contributor´s youtube video to show and present her channel.

- We also added some sound effects generally to other bits of the video to make it more funny. Drum beats to our live piece.

- We also changed the picture of reference to YouTuber "Fred" (YT sensation back in the days) and attached his face to two of our audience members from the live piece as this worked better instead of having him slide in on screen.

- We went through the whole project to colour correct and make sure the colours were right.

- And in general we re-viewed our video several times to make sure that we would now be happy with our final cut.

On the final cut viewing Thursday 27th, the feedback from Helen was that she really liked it, and that the edit was now sleek and smooth. She did not have any comments to us on anything we should change, as we had taken on the feedback and made the changes necessary since the rough cut.

- - -

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