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Modern Democratic Media Freedom - what does it mean?

  • Consists of an open room where the public freely can discuss questions that concerns the society or community. 
  • Political representatives presents and listens. 
  • Regular people have access to knowledge that is needed to engage and address society debates.
  • The media shall inform the public about what is going on in the government and witht the leaders of the country. 
  • The mass media is in itself a part of the public room, where conversations and debate can take place. 
  • Describes the assumptions to an ideal public.
  • There is something distinct distinguished between private and publig room. 

Media politics 

- The faith in media´s power to affect and influence people has changed over the last century.

1 - To underpin this we have first up, the theory about the "Almighty media" and the massive faith that the media has a distinct ability to affect and influence. So be it, that this is news cases, peoples meanings, social media a.s.o. - Stimulus = response.

2 - The theory about the "Impotently media", - Two steps hypotheises.
The diffusion theory - diffusion and the almighty media are related.

3 - The theory about the powerful media
Man chooses media with messages and topics that matches what they think and feel themselves.

- Media works as an agenda setter for the public
- The media affects and evolves around different topics and issues we concerned about.
- The media uses different patterns and models for storyline or story telling, dramaturgy if you´d like.

examples: - Heroes = protagonist, - Vilians = antagonists.

- - -
  • The media and news feeds us story upon story and sets the agenda for what we should care about. It also brings up issues or cases we already care about, to make us engage and take part in important debates. 
  • In the end where we live, what happens around us, how old we are, our hobbies, family and experiences we have gone through affects how we see the news, how we engage in or with them and what we take time out of our everyday busy lives to pay attention to and interest in. 

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