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For our first development meeting, we all sat down ready to dig down deep and properly get to the bottom of our ideas and structure it all together. We started off the meeting by talking about the work each of us had done since the last meeting.

I told the others that I had been in touch with Katie Joslin, one of our contributors and that she had been very positive to our idea and agreed to be interviewed by us for the project. 

Becca went through what she had written for the studio script so far, and we all really liked it and agreed that we were heading in the right direction. However going through it made us realize that we didn't really have a properly planned set up and structure for the story and video. We, therefore, decided to make sure we would have an organized structure by the time we were to end the meeting. 

Josh suggested that we should find a date to test shoot, and so we made sure to plan ahead for that. We also talked about setting up a meeting with both Katie Joslin and co-presenter George Wing to brief them both properly on the idea and story. 

As we by now had decided to base our story around viral videos, we had also taken it even further since the feedback from Helen, and decided to create two videos we are going to try and go viral with. These will play a big part in the production and therefore we Nisserin did some research and could see that cat videos, people being hurt, people laughing etc were the most important topics. 
We then agreed to do one cat video - of high production value, and a second video where Becca, Nisserin and I will "hurt/terrorize" Josh for a couple of days, which he agreed to be in on and film it. 

To finish off with the development of the project, we all agreed on and decided for some key dates that we will need to have certain things done by, as well as to when we will film what. Agreeing on this already will really help us to see how much time we have left to prepare and plan and help us with our time management. 


When it comes to news productions structure is a very important thing, not only production-wise but for the content and the information you want the audience to get out of it. Therefore we put up a proper structure on a whiteboard to clearly see what it is we want to achieve and produce. 

// Credit Joshua Jones

Josh also showed us the graphic design previews he had made for the production, and we all really liked them and decided that no changes needed to be made, and they will be used as our final graphics. 

For us to move on to the next stage of the production we set ourselves some new goals to work towards. These being, 

- Josh will work on the viral cat video
- Becca, Nisserin and I will work on the viral "hurting Josh" video
- Becca will keep writing and working on the script
- Nisserin will set up the Facebook page for our channel

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