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After getting our idea about the brand and channel properly together , we were ready to tell Helen about it all. We started off telling her about how out brand and channel idea came to life, before the stories. After that, we spoke about the different categories we had come up with for the channel.


- Celebrity Yak
- TV / Film Yak
- (Un)Social Yak
- Superserious Yak
- Viral Yak
- Tech Yak

Which would all engage around stories relevant to each category. We found this to be an easier way to have control over the content and label it more specifically to keep it organized. We told Helen about the stories we had so far and her feedback is the following:


- Good and strong brand idea
- A good idea to begin with the idea, rather than stories
- Likes the categories
- Likes the story about apps and app testing
- Brought a suggestion to the table about our viral idea - that we can attempt to go viral
- Also talked about how we could look at film festivals for our TV / Film Yak category
- Overall, happy with our idea

As a group, we really appreciated the feedback, and it meant a lot to us that she liked it. As this idea and project is something close to our hearts that we have all really grown to love. We are excited to take on the suggestions and pinpointers in the further development of the brand and stories.

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