Comedy, Humor & News Genres


Comedy genres:

- Musical comedy
- Romantic comedy
- Horror comedy
- Action comedy
- Sci-fi comedy
- Fantasy comedy

References to films that fit within these categories:

- The Sprinkler Sprinkled - Lumiere brothers - 1895
- Groundhog day - 1993
- Charlie Chaplin - Modern times - 1986
- Crockodile Don Dee - 1996
- The dictator - 2012

Well known creators and comedy related gents:

- Lumiere brothers
- Woody Allen
- Alexander Payne

Our production would probably fit under the combination of musical comedy, fantasy comedy and a bit of action comedy. It combines all these genres into one, specified and modern result.


French ; -

- Short and investigating news interview
- typical five on the street
- simple and quick questions, with simple answeres

A great way to get people´s opinion or reaction to a new incident, trend or situation - example; election, and why or why not the public will be voting for that particular candidate. An Enquete is often used in betwwen in reportages or news stories to build and add more meat to the bone to the overall topic. The questions are often narrowed down to be able to answer one specific "investigation".

When we were in the planning phase of our production, one of our initial ideas was a reaction video to the viral videos we were going to make. Where it would have included a question to the people we got to watch it,whether or not - production value is important in a viral video? And, which video they liked the best?

This would have worked as an enquet, because the purpose of this "live" interview that we in the end did not go through with, was to add on "meat" to the topic of our whole episode. As well as find out/hear it from students themselves, their opinions and reactions.


  1. the technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.
    "montage was a useful device for overcoming the drawbacks of silent film"
    • a sequence of film made using the technique of montage.
      plural noun: montages
      "a montage of excerpts from the film"
    • the technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of pictures, text, or music.
      "the art of montage in theatre and film"

A montage in context with our production means that it is different elements and pieces put together; promo, package, interview and live piece, where on their own they are one single puzzle piece. And when they all come togheter in the edit, they all fit perfectly together and creates the news episode we pictured in our heads during prep and planning.

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