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The concept of and layout of our website consists of different categories or columns if you like, that each brings up different subjects/themes. As a whole, it creates the backbones of the concept and binds the news channel together.

- What is (Un)Social Yak - 
(Un)Social Yak is one of a total of, so far five categories, on our news channel - Student Yak.  It consists of bringing up news about all the stories about/in social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. The name of this category orientated when our group was talking about how us students are being unsocial but social at the same time. As we are active and participating daily on social media. - Basically yak about social media platforms, stories on them and everything we love and hate about it.

 -News cases research - 

As the category I have chosen is about the stories on social media as well as the media platforms themselves I have been researching the web for inspiration to different cases relevant to the subject.

iPhone 7 - Release react

As most of us by now have heard about Apple has just recently released their new phone model, the iPhone 7. As soon as the product information about the new phone was made public, right away the internet was boiling hot.

There are several people, as always when Apple releases new products, that had pre-ordered or stood in lines to get this marvelous new phone. After checking them out and playing around, apparently people found the phone to make weird noises. Something a new phone owner does not want is to pay sky high prices for a product that has malefunctions. Another thing the web is talking about regarding the new phones is the new headphone solution. 

Twitter users around the world are sharing their thoughts on the new tangle free Bluetooth system. All directed as criticism towards Apple and their product. - I checked out the trending #-tags on twitter to see what people are talking about, as well as the tweets mentioning the new iPhone 7.


The topic of iPhone´s recent release can be put in context with students and their interests as the brands themselves such as Apple are out there on social media. - In these days it is important for people and especially young people/students to show that "I am real". The secret for the superbrands is that they are so universal that everybody wants them.


The power of the superbrands come from us!
The brands are built up after a pyramid;

At the top is the Most Expensive, then somewhere in the middle price class, and at the bottom is the cheapest (for example sunglasses) - The top of the pyramid is the most attractive for the people/consumers, as well as most attractive for the brands. 


As a concept within the (Un)Social category, a good idea would be to try out new apps that hit the marked, as well as suggest the most useful apps you need on your phone as a student. As well as students can contribute to sharing their experiences with different apps - make suggestions to fellow students.

Meme of the day

One of the big things on the internet these days are memes, 

  1. 1
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.¨

We have all seen them at one point, and they often help brighten up our day and is surprisingly very relatable. Therefore I did some research on facebook on memes, and quite right they just popped up in my feed! This gave me the idea of having memes as a part of communicating with the audience - students once a day. And make them feel in some way connected to or that they can relate. An idea is to have students send in their own created meme´s in hopes that their meme´s get posted to the channel and its social media accounts. - therefore the title, "Meme of the day"



This student participated in theUniversity Challenge at BBC Two Quiz Show this Monday, and has turned into quite a Twitter sensation. This to do with his rapid and prompt answers as well as face expressions. Relevant, funny and yet again a relatable case. 

- - -

// Tinder

Tinder, a well known dating app amongst teenagers and students. So how about exploring the fields of Tinder, documenting to the cahnnel. It could be 

- Students experiences gained with/through dates from Tinder 
- The Tinder date from hell
- Tinder - the tips and tricks to find the perfect match..

A lot of different ideas, posts or even web clips can be invented around this theme.


Instagram, one of the great picture sharing apps out there. IG has been around for a long time, as well as the users of it, wich means there is a reason for it to still be a thing, right? Kind of just like Facebook has been around without losing its popularity over the night.

Different concepts can be made revolving IG, like for example;

- Study inspo - pictures to inspire the students in their everyday life and middle of studying
- Insta crap - the most crappy pictures out there
- Insta fame - how to become famous on Instagram
- Insta homework - how to get it done in no time, using IG

In general this case can offer the latest Insta scoops that is relevant for students. 



As (Un)Social Yak is my category to look after in this project, I definitely think Snapchat is a platform that should be a key element to the channel. It will work as a way to communicate directly with the audience where they can see everything that is going on at the channel (maybe behind the scenes - follow the crew) updates, challenges, they can send in their meme´s, easy to have Q&A´s or even just to ask them directly what content they are interested in seeing next. 

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