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The workshop task;

Notes / Research : 

- Statistics used in the news piece are from 2010 = 6 years old. And they are still being used and referenced to as a source in the news cases of today - 2016.
- RSPCA - are focusing and working towards a complete ban of any wild animals in circuses. 
- Scotland has submitted plans to their government to ban animals in the circus. 
- "The Empty Promise" from the government. - DEFRA - Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, manifesto commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. 
- In the meantime - the government body - DEFRA - have put a strict licencing system in place to ensure the welfare of any wild animals in circuses. 
- A circus is misleading their audience by saying their "rebranded" as an "Educational evening" as the audience may be under the impression of this circus helping the animals. When in fact, this is just a circus by another name. 

 - - -

Our case;

Pre title-intro:

"Six years after the conservative party promised to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, the government have yet to act. Tonight we have an exclusive report, that exposes the traveling circuses that continue to abuse wild animals for entertainment purposes, and the loopholes they use to get away with it"

 - Opening titles

Report -intro:

This week the Scottish government submitted their plans to ban the use of wild animals in circus performances. Which raises questions as to why the conservative government are yet to act on their manifesto promises to put a ban in place by 2015. With public interest in the welfare of the animals increasing, we went undercover to investigate traveling circuses. This report does contain some distressing images.

Report content:

- Secretly filmed videos
- Interviews with representatives from -  RSPCA and -  National Centre for Circus Art
- Information about current government policies and loopholes the circuses uses to avoid responsibility


We asked the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs for an interview, they declined but  issued this statement;
"We have a manifesto commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. We will deliver this ban as soon as parliamentary time allows.   
In the meantime, we have a strict licencing system in place to ensure the welfare of any wild animals in circuses. This includes both announced and unannounced inspections, care plans for every animal, regular veterinary inspections and a retirement plan for each animal.”
We will keep you updated as this story develops, this has been Wire News, brought to you by Apple. - Goodnight and remember, "Think different"

// After the read through at the end of the workshop, I realised and learnt that a news case can quickly become too wordy or have too much information or even information of none importance. It was an eye opener as to how we will have to be precise when we write the script. And leave out non-important chit chat, and be direct and straight to the point to get the most out of the time we have at disposal. 

//Image shot by me with iPhone 6

//Sources of information

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