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A new year at UCA, with new opportunities, and my group and I started off this years first unit with a laugh and excitement. - For the second year of University´s first unit, we have been briefed and started development of our Digital News Production. In this unit, we will be required to design our own branded online digital news channel via a website or such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

This time, I had a thought that I wanted to work in a group with some new people, and realized after teaming up with Josh, Nisserin and Rebecca that I have never actually worked on a unit with Becca and Nisserin before! Which I find to be exciting and I am really looking forward to developing our group dynamics as we go forward with our project. 

After teaming up and sitting down we immediately started to brainstorm for the assignment, I had done som thinking before we started this unit and suggested that our channel should involve or revolve around students. We all agreed that this was a great starting point. I decided to draw a map of thoughts. To get a hold of all our ideas and suggestions. Josh showed us some great humours news-sketches (Topical Waffle - with Jimmy Fallon ) and it didn't take us long to know that we wanted to go down the lane of a humour news channel. We had so much fun brainstorming and two hours flew by faster than the speed of light before we even realized that everyone in our year had left the base room.

- - - 

During our sit down we made sure to divide the work and spread it out so each and one of us now have "homework" / research to do until next lab workshop. Even tough we have taken on the different roles we are a very open group, agreed to help each other out on set and if we´re stuck on research. We have decided that the writer will be writing a base for the script and we will all sit down and shape the details of it as a group together.

Here is a list of the roles we have taken on:


Director & Writer - Rebecca Bennnett
Camera & Cinematography - Nisserin Bessioua
Sound & Sound design - Ida Frank
Presentor & Editor - Joshua Jones

We have already decided on a name for our News channel (Details in an own blogpost) as well as we want to create a website for our channel and consept. We have chosen as our website platform, and as I got home I started to have a browse at the different templates avalible to see what can possibly suit our theme, channel and aimed audience. 

On our website we have chosen to have different sub categories that will deal with different aspect of the channel´s information and content. Our homework to next lab workshop will consist of researching the categories we have chosen as "our own", and find relevant news cases that can be linked to our theme and consept or somehow be developed into a relevant news case for our production. 

- - -

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//Desk image shot by using iPhone 6
//Screenshot from WIX:com

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