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Topical Waffle is a web show news squish that covers everything 
that happened in the world this week. Politics, Sports, Movies, TV, it's got it all, y'know?
- In context with The Tonight Show Starring, Jimmy Fallon -
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At the very beginning of our groups first sit-down, Josh showed us two episodes he had come across, each lasting for a duration of two and a half minute. It was a great icebreaker as it was propped with humor and fun, we all laughed our hearts out and some even ended up in tears from laughing so hard. 

We decided that this was a great short series to use as inspiration for out project. It contained elements we were looking for such as, the length of episodes, set up style, humor, fresh and up to date topics. After watching both episodes, and talking about the fun topics being mentioned in the show we all decided on some bullet points of what we would like to include or base our news episode with.

- Funny
- Random
- Direct but silly
- Internet stock photo´s/videos/clips

It is important for us to make sure that our news channel did not become boring or too serious, as it is for students and we want to keep it up to date, at a high speed and fun. As well as engaging and involving the audience. 

On the other side, this series also makes it clear that the content can quickly become over dramatised/a bit too much. Which is a great pinpoint for us as we now go into the script writing phase. Being aware of this while creating our own script is key, as we don't want to over-exaggerate and end up with nonsense.

Here are some of the things I noticed set wise, that can be used as a input for our own set;

 - Different props that altogether can complete a quirky expression 
- Well thought through outfit for the host/presenter
- Colours representing the brand

 What we have concluded and decided set wise:

- Green screen background for the "studio" acenes
- Presenter will stand up straight
- Colours true to the brand, in our case orange and/or purple

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//Images screenshot from episode 2, on YouTube

//Sources of information.
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