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Roles in the production
Under the development and work of this unit, I have been in a group consisting of Imogen, Rosie and myself. As the project has been ongoing we have all participated in different areas, all of us did research together but after the research for the project was done we took on different roles in the production. Imogen has written, produced and been sound while Rosie has directed and been casting director. I have been camera operator and editor, as well as we have all regularly met up discussed and come to agreements on how we wanted the final end result to look like. The time we have had at our disposal, we have made good use of and been structured, organized and efficient. 

Actor & casting
The actor we decided to go with for the Presenter role was, Micky Dartford. We found him casting outside the classroom using Casting Call Pro. We only had a few applicants, but we still chose to hold   a small audition round. Where the applicants interested in the role had to send an audition videotape, reading/acting out a few lines from the script. We made sure that the actor that got the role had a 100% commitment to the project and shooting days. 

Why we chose our story
We chose to make this story because of how the White Cliffs of Dover is a big symbol and icon for England, as well as to the how vast the nature and wildlife on the cliffs is. We wanted to lift this icon forward, as well as establish awareness of the challenges, risks and uncertainties of the future the cliffs faces. We wanted to show off the beautiful nature and wildlife, and the committed people dedicating their time and effort to continue to keep the cliffs clean, safe and in well preserved. 

The goal
The goal with this unit was to research, develop, set up, shoot and edit our own original documentary film in response to a defined brief. The goal for the documentary we made was to fulfill the criteria, as to what a documentary actually is and consists of. Documentaries are not easy to define, there are many forms - but the most important was for it to contain real people, showing or doing real things and tell real stories/facts. We also wanted it to consist of different styles, so we combined still images, moving images, sync, and V.O. to achieve a different but interesting look and context. 

My experiences
I found this unit to be more interesting than I originally thought it would be before we started it. In general, I have not been to fond of documentaries, but through this unit, I discovered that documentaries are actually okay. I even found some documentaries or different styles and types of doc´s that I like. I like how some of them combines different styles such as still images, animation etc. I feel that we have worked really well together as a group, and the time we have had at disposal has been plenty enough. We have efficiently spread out the work, I will say we spent the longest on research, plan and prep. Shortest amount of time on the shooting, which took us two days. Even though those two days required quite some effort, hiking around the cliffs for hours. But it was great, and the footage and nature made it so worth it. And finally   the remaining time on post-production, which has been a week-ish. There has been no stress, and we have gotten everything done in time for deadlines and sessions, which feels great!

When it comes to if the goal has been reached, I want to say that I am very pleased with our finished product and the group work. I have learned that documentary is okay, even though it might not be what I end up working with after uni. It has been a cool experience and I have truly loved working with the girls. I feel that the criteria for the unit have been reached, and that I have managed to contribute positively to this project, and that we together have managed to reach our goals with the documentary. We have definitely achieved the look and style we were going for, and I think I can speak on behalf of us all when I say that we are very pleased with how it looks. All in all a product I mean answers the assignment, and shows understanding for research, teamwork, technique, editing tools, writing as well as camera techniques. 

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