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In our third unit, the project evolves around creating a 10-minute long wildlife and nature film for a documentary strand - working title "Doorstep Wilderness" - Which would be suitable to be transmitted at 8 pm on UKTV wildlife and science channel "Eden". We will be working in groups of three as a team to come up with an idea, as well as planning, working and reaching towards the final goal together. A wildlife and nature documentary.

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"Building homes for barn owls"

The case I have chosen to base my idea for the documentary was posted to the Kent Wildlife Trust´s blog and web page. Where hardworking volunteers are working to preserve and help the barn owls out, as old abandoned barns seems to have seized to exists, as well as big cored trees with holes in them are rarer to find and equals less and less space and places for them to live. This is endangering them as a species. 

To get in touch with these people we will have to contact the head office either by email or phone and talk to them about the case and find out if it is something they would like to be a part of. We have to find out if there might be any events/plans taking place where they will be making and putting up more boxes. Follow the process from the making, the assembly of the boxes and the result of the work they do. The coolest thing would be to get to film the owls themselves in their habitat, where we as viewers can see how important it is to preserve the nature, and help these owls in having a home. 

I was inspired by this case as soon as I saw and read, there was something about helping these majestic animals of night that just touched my heart. And It is great to see people actually working side by side with nature in making sure it is preserved, taken care of instead of fighting against it. 

Action Taken:
To make contact regarding this case, I called the Kent Wildtrust head office to propose the idea of the making of this as a documentary. I was then given the email to the press department which did not have a direct phone number so I would have to contact them via email. I sent an email but did not hear back before the tutorial chat with Helen. Therefore, we chose to move away from this case and find a new case with a different angulation.

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