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During week 7, from 15th - 19th of Feb, I did a work placement in London at Suite TV which is a post production company based in the "Soho" area. There were up to 20-21 suites, whereas all of them were for post production such as editing, audio, grading and visual effects.

I worked alongside four of the employees doing Client Services, where we made breakfast - toast, cofees and teas. As well as collecting lunch orders and running round and about Soho to collect these, to then serve them to the editors working in the suits. Being a runner holds a lot of important jobs and tasks, that needs to be done in order for everything else to run smoothley.  

After my lunch break all of the days, I got to hang with different people in several different suits, I was with Matt Baird in audio suite 2 where he was working on dubbing mix for a new show. One of the other days I got to check out the Visual effects and how those get made with Adam Graves, as well as I later that day got to see onlining and talked a great deal about editing in general with Graham Barker.

On the other days I got to learn and hang out with the editor assistants down at the CAR, where they digitilise and can compress the footage, as well as make all the content avalible to the different suits so it is avalible for the editors when they come to work. They all use the Avid system for editing, which makes it easy to move the files around, and makes it very industry sensed. The last day I got to sit with Matt Roberts, where he was editing a new pilot. We talked a lot about different themes reagrding the tv industry, like ethics and laws as well as differences in diferen countries. 

Being at Suite TV was really cool, the people were amazing and the whole work-atmosphere was so good. I think I could have stayed there forever haha! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be with you guys for a week, it was fab. 

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