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In this unit, I have worked independently on both research and planning of both self-portrait and chosen drama project. The execution of the project as when it comes to filming, my cameraman was Josh, and Imogen was on sound. I have made sure the completion of the project has been followed up on and edited it myself. The time we have had at our disposal, I have spent wisely, and structured done one part after the other on the project. 

The actors I used for this project (Drama)  was, Michael John Lewis, Michael Gamble and Laurence Helgesen, where I found all of them through casting outside the classroom at Casting Call Pro. I had quite a few applications and chose to hold an audition round, where all the applicants that were serious emailed me an audition video tape acting out a few lines from the drama script. Due to the fact that I had someone drop out on me the last time, I made the actors confirm over email that they wanted to commit to the project 100%. 

// Pantone//Grey, self-portrait

I chose to make my self-portrait the way I did because I wanted to experiment with the abstract and experimental way of filmmaking. As I have not really done this type of genre before, it was something I found very cool and fun. I wanted it to be a portrait of me, but at the same time, it has the most focus on the directorial style of the film, and the expression of its messages. Such as feelings everyone probably has felt at some point in life, the need to protect yourself and your family/friends, how society creates goals or expectations etc. 

Drama series: 
I chose to direct my chosen drama series in the way I did because I wanted it to be a bit more dynamic, whereas the original series uses a lot of standard shots to cover the scenes and storyline. I wanted to bring an essence of my style into it by keeping the standard style, in a way even though it is different, and make the shots more interesting. Shooting from angles that hadn't been thought of, or that find to define my style. Kind of handheld, but stable, as well as the framing of the shots.  I chose a very dialogue heavy scene, but I felt comfortable doing that wanting to challenge myself. I wanted to be able to make the transformation of Tommy Olds reach through on screen.
- The sound recordings on the boom was great, but it had picked up a high-frequency sound running through all of the clips, so I decided to use the sound from the rode mic because this did not have this, and the sound was much better.

// The Mentalist Flame Red - Drama series

The goal of this unit was to take on skills of how to direct, as well as learn by theory how directing works, the skill set you need, what tasks a director has and how to direct in a good way yourself. 
The goal I had for my projects was to create something that would stand out, something that would reach out to the audience through the screen, creating a sense of experience/spark a feeling or thoughts.

I found this unit to be cool and fun, as well as I learnt that I think directing is more fun and something I enjoyed doing. I have done some directing before in college, and had kind of decided that it wasn't for me, but during this unit and with these projects I learnt about myself that it is something I actually found to be very giving and enjoyable. I´ve learned how much work lays behind a production for a director, and as I will be making my first shot film this year, it has been very helpful and definitely something I will take with me into that process and project. I have used the time well, I started the planning early on which was good, and I got about and shot quite early in the shooting weeks. The only thing is that because I had work placement one of the post-production weeks, which I was confident I could pull off and get good enough time to edit, turned out to not be the greatest thing. Mainly because I didn't have the time or energy, so next time I will not make other plans in post production.

// The Mentalist Flame Red - Drama series

When it comes to if the goal has been reached I will say it definitely has, and I am pleased with my products. Especially my self-portrait. The criteria for the project has been reached, and I feel like I have managed to complete and achieve the looks and styles that I went for. All in all, I mean the products answers the assignment and shows understanding for technique, editing tools, directing as well as camera technique. 

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