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The term sound design came about while Walter Murch was left to describe his innovating sound work on 1970, Vietnam War film "Apocalypse Now."He "hung" sounds in the motion picture just as a production designer would hang fabrics on film set. two-three sounds were focused out through one speaker, while two-three would be sent through the other. This was made possible by multi-channel technology that was being refined during the 1970´s.

As Graeme Harper writes in his book "Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media," the sounds is an ancient discovery and is an equally venerable invention. Although sounds, and hearing is natural to every human being, as well as to animals and it is also reported that plants too can react to sound. There is no doubt that the human uses/creates the sounds where we process and produce in relation to our human understanding and of its importance in our world. 

Creating sound design is not just an easy task, it can be very challenging and difficult at times. The main focus is put on making a seamless soundtrack, that by sound visually can take you on a journey itself. Making a realistic or non-realistic sound image that fits and presents/reflects the world or so called universe we are immersed to, in the film.

Sound exists only in time, and there is no such thing as an "audio still frame." This affects everything you do with a track. 

As a part of this unit, sound design is a big part of what we are creating, especially the sound design for our self-portraits as we could not have music, monolog or dialogue. Therefore, our tutor gave us a day assignment to edit the sound for a video piece, where the sound was the only thing we would work on. I worked together with Imogen, and we had a good workflow as well as we worked really good together. This is the result of our project, and it came out better than I expected.

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