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In this unit - direction - we were so lucky to have a guest lecturer, Steve Finn showing and teaching us through several workshops. We got different day assignments as well as a short script to prepare on for a couple of days. The aim was to get our heads around all of the different things you have to think about as a director. And how to get your vision out there, through to others.

Steve Finn is a director known for EastEnders, London´s Burning and Children´s Ward, and being able to learn from a guy coming into us from the industry is not only cool, but also a very great opportunity to gain proper industry standard skills. 

I liked Steve´s workshops, even though I learned that it is not as easy to get your vision through to others all the time. I am a very visual person, and can "see" and visualise what it is I want to happen on screen. But, getting others to see or understand what you are thinking can be a bit more tricky than at first glance. I felt misunderstood, I dont know if it has anything to do with the language, even though I dont really feel like my English is bad. It might have been how I phrased it, or maybe misspelt it when talking, who knows. 

Anyways I learnt how to be even more precise and I enjoyed working in groups. Thank you very much for giving us these opportunities, to learn from industry professionals. It was great getting advice on what to do and not. 

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