Quick facts:
- Comedy, crime, drama
- Duration per episode approx. 45 min
- 8 episodes each season
- Won 4 Monte-Carlo TV Festival awards
- Altogether 6 wins and 1 nomination
- -
Created by
Eilif Skodvin
Anne Bjørnstasd
- -

"A New York mobster goes into hiding in rural Lillehammer in Norway 
after testifying against his former associates."

This is a Norwegian series, produced by Rubicon TV and it is a Netflix original series, running over three seasons 2012-2014. The series has gotten a lot of praise for its storyline and actor Steven Van Zandt. A former actor in Sopranos(1999) as well as being a long-time friend with Bruce Springsteen, playing with Springsteen´s earlier bands. 

I saw some of the episodes from the first season when they first were aired on Norwegian tv back in 2012, Where I was very excited and eager to follow the story, as well as all of the actors, had really interesting characteristics which made it very cool to watch. I re-watched one of the episodes here the other day, whereas I looked a bit deeper into how and why it inspired/affected my own project.

The style/mood of this series is very light and humor-based, as this is a great parallel towards The Mentalist, which also plays on the same keys when it comes to humor, crime, and drama. It is quite standard shots and filming. I would say that the shots do step up, mixing in more detail shots which improve throughout the season as well as following seasons. 

I chose to look to this series when it comes to editing my project. Mainly because of how seamless it is sewn together without having the audience flinch one by scenes, cuts or clips. This is something I really badly want to achieve in my films, as continuity and a seamless audio and image sequence is something demanding a lot of work and dedication, especially to get it good. A seamless design/edit is always something I will strive to achieve, and, therefore, this series gave me a great deal of inspiration. 

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