Flame Red - Season 1: episode 9


Quick facts:
- A crime, thriller and mystery, drama series
- Duration per episode, approx. 40 min
- 1 people's choice award, USA
- 1 Monte-Carlo TV Festival, Best Drama series
- 1 ASCAP award
- Nominated for 1 Golden Globe
- Another 15 nominations
- 7 seasons 

- - - -
Directed by
Charles Beeson

I have chosen a scene from the first season of the series, an episode called Flame Red. The scene is approx. 4 minutes long, and takes place in an interrogation room. In the first season, there is a total of 16 episodes with the word "Red" in the title, as well as the rest up to the total of 23 episodes all together has the a word that references to blood and red. (examples: Crimson Casanova, Scarlet Fever)

CBI uncovers three arson cases, all of which involve men in the same real estate business, and who also served in the same National Guard unit. 

This particular episode is directed by Charles Beeson and compared to the other episodes I have watched directed by other directors this one shows yet another directorial style and is slightly different from the others. Beeson is a bit more up my alley, or the alley I intend to walk down, He uses angles and/or cinematographic measures in a bit more creative way. Generally keeping the already set pace and style, but mixing it up a bit with new and interesting inputs.

The episode I am recreating does originally take place in an interrogation room. The lighting is dimmed, and there are neutral colours, with a hint of yellow. Not taking to much space or drawing too much attention away from the action. There are blinds covering the windows, keeping anyone from looking in, and anyone from looking out. It is closed off, and can be drawn parallels towards the fact that this represents the mystery in the case. There is a shot where the camera is lurking from the other side of the blinds as if spying on a conversation and a not to mention great reveal.

That is what I like about this scene, and why I chose it. It is heavily dialogued, which I am confident that I can pull off. But at the same time, I chose a heavily dialogued scene to challenge myself and, get new and more experience having to deal with that as a big factor. I also really, really like the big "reveal" or call it the "transition" of Tommy Olds as a character. That moment when he reveals his true self... priceless, and so powerful.

However as I am to redirect this scene, I have decided to change up the locations quite a bit. This was the first idea that popped into my head when it came to changing anything. And I have decided to stick to that idea. Which is having the location set in a restaurant/cafe/bar where the interrogation is situated at the back of it, or somewhat by itself/in a both etc. The two standing behind the mirrored glass will be sitting in a car on the outside, eavesdrop the interrogation. Kind of like it is an "undercover" interrogation, even tough it is not because Tommy knows he is being confronted, but as he seems to be somewhat challenged, it seems more natural and less harming against him.

I have chosen a colour palette very similar to the colours used in the original scene, mainly because I want to maintain the originality and also be able to achieve the same mood and style already existing.

//Colour palette from moviesincolor.com

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