Location Scouting


Friday 8th of Jan. I went location scouting at The Muggleton Inn with my camera operator Josh. We walked around the whole building, looking for the perfect spot to shoot the Mentalist scene in. After browsing downstairs we went to the floor upstairs to find what can be described as a hidden tressure.

Way in the back, a few in a cool, very typical English pub/restaurant style- booths. With the colours of brown, green and yellow running as a "red thread" throughout. Combined with paintings on the walls, chandelier, white walls and three magnificent windows, I found the perfect location.

Asking another TVP student, Patricia Dixon, whom recently filmed here, I have got the information needed to now get in touch with the Muggleton head office, arranging a shooting day. All fingers crossed!

- - - 

//All images shot by me with
Canon 600D

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