The Director - Atonement scene


Monday 11th of January we had a workshop in Studio 2 with Simon, mainly focusing on how to be a director. The important tasks a director does, and how to make sure you get the coverage and materials you would want as the director.

We worked in groups of approx. four, where my group consisted of Sammi, Imogen, Leo and myself. The work went well, I thought it was a bit challenging to direct actors and cameraman on the spot. Without any preparations or etc. 

Here is the finished version of the scene from "Atonement" we each had to take turns directing, this is my go at it. As well as my edit.

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  1. the second half works well, and the opening close-ups. But when he approaches - you cross the line twice, which makes it confusing. See if you can cut again, and avoid that. Some good work in the 2nd half. Nicely farmed,


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