Initial Ideas & testing them 

When I was developing my idea in the beginning of this project, my first two ideas were:

- One, about a girl and a boy, where one of them would drop a diary and lead the person picking it up on a quest to find the other one. Where it would might lead to a romantic ending where they would find, or not get each other.

- Two, about this boy or girl repeatedly visiting a secondhand/vintage shop that would sell all sorts of bits and bobs. But there would seem like no one was around, working there to handle costumers. Until one day they meet, the boy or girl and the crazy and intriguing character that owns the shop. And that character would in some way take this boy or girl on a fairytale.Weather in reading him/her a story from a book, or telling about all the bits and bobs in the store etc.

When I looked closer in to the ideas, I found the first one to be more intriguing and the one to have the best potential to be told in a "short" 10 page script. But, I did not like the idea as it was. Simply because I did not want it to be a cliche. That was when I started to play around with it, and form it into what it became. I tried visualising both a girl and boy, girl and girl, as well as boy and boy for the story. And ended up on boy and boy. The specific reason for this is because of how I feel being gay in my generation of today, is just the same as being straight. But that there is not enough platforms out there showing this off. Therefore I wanted to make a beautiful yet sad love story, that are no different than any other love story told on film. I know that there is still places, older generations and countries where this is not normalised, and I hope this story can contribute to the right of equality, and a normalisation of any gender relationships, no matter your orientation or origin.

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On Wednesday 11th of November we had our script feedback sessions with Steve Coombes, where he gave us a "script report" on the story and structure, action and dialogue as well as formatting and layout of our stories. In each of these paragraphs he gave constructive critique to help improve my script, and for it to work even better as a screenplay. 

It wasn't the biggest modifications to be done to the script, but a couple of things needed adjustment and to be changed up a bit. As well as the stage directions had to be looked at and improved. 

Changes I have made to the script, after the script feedback:

- The dialogue of the Employee in the book bazaar
- Removing and adding/replacing words in scene headings
- Changing up the scene in the adoptive parents house + changing the dialogue
- Removed the colleague conversation, and added new aspects and details to the scene
- Over all, touch up of the scene headings
- Managing and fixing typo´s
- Changing up the ending to make it work even better

//All images screenshot from PAPER STAIN - Footage

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  1. HI Ida - great entry. good reflection. Is your film on youtube yet? I'd like to be able to show it to some students tomorrow (thursday) - upload if you can.. :)

    1. Hi Simon - Thank you! I´ll send you a link to pre-view it on Vimeo :))


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