Location Scouting


 - Part of prep-work -

Before I went out to start shooting my trailer, I went out on location scouting to see and find all of the different locations I wanted to film in. Prior to that, I found the colour palette I wanted to get inspiration from, and colours to try and stick to. Luckily the weather this month of November, during shooting, has been just perfect. With grey skies, foggy horizons and an overall even lighting outdoors. 

(Colour Palette chosen from Moviesincolor.com to use as inspiration)

It was important to go out and look at, investigate and ask for permissions to shoot in the locations I found. Mainly to be prepared both for the sake of actors and crews safety, as well as the public. And not to be in any kind of disturbance for the public/people around. It was as important to get green lights from the private locations, as well as from Kent Film office on the public ones, and to get confirmation that it would be possible to shoot on the selected shooting days. 

- - - -

 - Riverside -

- Detail shot of Jack Taylor - 

- Rochester Highstreet -

- Costa Coffee -

- Baggins Book Bazaar -
England´s largest secondhand bookshop

I decided to use these locations because they all matched the looks and had the the set of how I imagined, and pictured it to be. The most amazing was the fact that the book bazaar was just perfect, and exactly as in my imagination. Even though I hadn't visited it before I went to look at it. That was especially fun, to have it match that well. All the other locations as well, were carefully handpicked to match the setting and overall expression of my film.
- - - -

//All images shot by me
with Cannon 600D

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