Jonny Come Lately


A short film 
Francesca Coppola
- - - -

Quick facts:
- Narrative drama
- Duration aprox. 19 min
- Released by "1985 Artists"


Deragh Campbell .......... Jonny 
Kentucker Audley .......... Sam
Evan Louison ................. Shane
Kelley Karel ................... Mother 
Gilbert Girion ................. Father

Produced by 
Francesca Coppola 
Gioele Donnamaria 
Jean Prince

Executive Producers
Ryan MacDuff
Valeria de Vellis

Director of Photography ..... Spencer Katz
Art Director ......................... Zoe Koke 
Edit / Sound Design ........... Jean Prince

In this short film we get introduced to the main character already from the beginning, and we understand her relation to the man as a girlfriend/wife. Early on we understand there is something not right in this relationship, and that the main character seem quite miserable.

What I dont seem to understand as a viewer at times, is if some of the scenes are flashbacks or not. And this confuses me in a way, of not knowing wether or not they are in a good place with their relationship now, or if it was in the past.

Their issues just escalate as she seems somewhat tempted by another man, because she is in such a miserable state. And it ends up in them having a fight, and he drives off, leaving her alone in the dark.

What I really like about this film, is how they have managed to create this "old/vintage" atmosphere. And the colour palette is very tasteful and thought through as well, and I also think most of the cinematography sits really well. Even though there are aspects of this film that I like, I have chosen to use this as an example of how it did, as well as did not affect my project.

Mainly the way this film has influenced my project, is in how I dont want a flow to be like. Even thought the story does flow, and there are a lot of show not telling. I feel like it is dragging out too long. Even though the aesthetics is good, and I can see what the director is trying to achieve, it does not work for me. The scenes are too long, with nothing in particular happening in them. This can again portray the story of how their relationship is. But it gets too boring for me, does´t keep me in my seat without losing focus or concentration.

Therefore I have chosen to use this as an example of what I did not want my story to be like, and I feel that having an example of how something influenced my project in what I do not to want to do is also a good thing. It will then show how it helped shape my story to become even better, and that I am also critical to the research I have done, and films I have watched.

- - - -

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