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Under the process of working with this unit I have worked independent with both idea development, planning, research and execution of filming and the completion of the project. I have spent the time we had at our disposal good, and managed to structured move from one part of the unit to the other. 

The actors I used for this project were Tristan Pegg and Jack Taylor, where Tristan was found through the process of Casting Call Pro, and Jack is a friend of mine that were able to step in to the role last minute, due to an withdraw from another actor. Which turned out to be a very good choice, as the chemistry between the two actors works really well, and they both do a great job portraying the characters. I chose Tristan out of the applicants because I felt like could fit the role, he really spoke to me int he sense of how I had kind of pictured Kayden to look like. 

I chose to write my story the way I did, because I feel like it expresses a good storyline, as well as I wanted to achieve something with it. Like I mentioned earlier, of how I didn't want it to be a cliche, I wanted it to be a strong and bold story with a lot of different aspects and development. I simply did not want it to be all A4,  therefore I went on to make a beautiful yet sad love story about to young men, that are no different than any other love story told on film. I know that there is still places, older generations and countries where this is not normalised, and I hope this story can contribute to the right of equality, and a normalisation of any gender relationships, no matter your orientation or origin.

The goal with this unit was to learn, experience and develop our creative skills within storytelling, and to learn how to write a proper script. The goal I had in my story was to have it fulfil the criteria to how a story should be. I wanted to make sure that both characters would get to shine, and develop as well as to let their stories being told in deserved and good way.  I wanted to portray this love story in this way, because I feel that any other relationships apart from straight ones, are looked at in a different light. And I think that it shouldn't be like that. We are all human, and we all have the capability to share love, no matter man or woman, religion or origin. Therefore I wanted to have this film step forward as an example for this. And show that there isn´t any difference, in love. 

I found this unit to be both fun and challenging, in the way that I thought I had an idea of how a script should be. But ended up realising that there is a lot more behind it, than it looks. What I found particularly hard, was changing up how I am used to writing short stories fictionally, to having to write very structured and strictly follow the script set up. I feel like we had enough length of time to write our scripts, however I do believe that it would have been a good idea to start the script workshops even earlier, and then the writing process so that we could have been able to get our script feedback maybe a week before shooting weeks. Anyways I feel like I have used the time well, and that I have also made the most out of it. Next time, I would have put of a little bit more time to the prep work before shooting, as I this time got a bit eager, and put of a bit to short amount of time.

When it comes to if the goal has been reached, I want to say that I am very pleased with my finished product. I have learnt that screenwriting is not what I want to do, at the same time as it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. I feel that the criteria for the unit has been reached, and that I have managed to tell a story quite comprehensive, and at the same time quite simple. I also feel like I have been able to achieve the look and style I was going for, and I am very pleased with how it looks. All in all a product I mean answers the assignment, and shows understanding for technique, editing tools, writing as well as camera technique. 

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