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Character Profile

"Young Man"
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Terell Bray
22-25 y.o
From England

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Key facts:
- no siblings
- brown hair 
- soulful eyes
- handsome
- a soft smile
- adopted
- classy

Works as a journalist, because of a deep desire to be heard and taken seriously.

Terell was adopted at the age of 8, because his mother were no longer capable of taking care of him. His dad died in an accident whilst on his way to pick up Terell at school, on a bike. Terrell were left with the guilt of it being his fault. He took the blame for it in his heart, like a lot of children do if they¨re not told otherwise. He felt that if he had met his dad only a minute earlier or later, it would´t have happened. His mother did not handle the loss very well, and turned to alcohol for comfort. She was a good mother, but Terell ended up taking care of her, instead of her taking care of him. He never really got to recover from the loss of his dad.

This incident led to the fact that he had to grow up quickly, and he took the role as a grown up way too fast. There was not really much left of a childhood. His adoptive parents were nice, they were an older couple, they cared. But they had very set minds of what was right and what was not. Terrell were in that way not really allowed to mean anything else, or speak up about his view, if he saw things differently. And they never spoke of feelings, a hug now and then was about it. He became silent, and almost like a puppet of strings. This shaped him.

He was encouraged by this "lifestyle" to become a journalist. That way he could finally express how he felt, what he meant, and make his voice heard. At least that was what he hoped for, and believed the journalist industry would give him. But once again Terell was wrong. It turned out he most of the times had to be very objective, and not mention his own thoughts, point of view or make the reader aware of his presence in the articles. This silenced him once again.. And put just another brick on top of his sad mind. He got depressed. From never being good enough, not getting heard or seen as who he was. He wanted so badly to just have someone caring about him, and talk to him about everything that no one never did.

Terrell became hard on the outside, no one would ever even think to imagine what was behind his fasade. He dressed properly, had a creative and good job, colleagues whom he told jokes to and who saw him more as a friend than just a colleague. What no one saw, no one would know. Because no one never asked, never really looked closely enough.

How could he possibly get himself out of this mess, and how would he ever be heard. Would he leave this world without no one really noticing? He decided to write a book. A diary, filled with everything, from beginning to end. He needed someone to understand, someone to know the truth and to know his story, uncensored.

He hopes that the diary can make a difference for him, that someone will come to his rescue. Save him from himself. Putting his life-story in the hands of a young kid, what was he thinking? Eventually the river seems dangerously more tempting than waiting...

- - - -

Key characteristics:
- good at hiding feelings
- a bit mysterious
- profound
- loving
- polite
- quiet 

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