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Character Profile

"Teenage boy"
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Kayden Denell
17-19 y.o
From England

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Key facts:
- two siblings
- divorced parents
- golden/brown hair
- urban fashion style
- loves books
- bright eyes
- cute

Studies and love books. Always hangs out in the local book shop so he can escape in to the fictional world of the books. 

Kayden grew up in a warm home, with reasonable boundaries and loving parents. It was a happy little family, until one day Kayden woke up one morning, at the age of 10-11 to discover his fathers sudden absent. He had just packed up his bags and left. Told no one, said nothing, he left behind a family of a mother with three children. Kayden were the oldest, and his fathers actions left him to deal with a huge responsibility. He was now the man in the house. And he felt he had to do what was expected of him, to help out at home. His mother did the best she could to juggle three kids, job and downpayment on the debt of the house. But she could not do it all alone, even though she did not want to weigh down her oldest son with that kind of responsibility, she had not much of a choice than to let him help out.

This caused Kayden to miss out on a fathers figure as he grew up, and he felt a certain bitterness and sadness for his father leaving. He therefor aspired to become a better man, that would put family values higher, and make sure everyone he met on his way would feel appreciated. It was at this period of time in his life, aged 10-11, he fell in love with books. He had to grow up so fast, and this was kind of his way of maintaining the child within. They were his escape to somewhere else, a way of putting all the responsibility on a shelf and breathe, even if it was just for a moment. The fictional worlds became his second home.

As he had been living in a calm neighborhood, with a loving mother and set routines, he didn't really know of anything else. It was how it was supposed to be for everyone he thought. It made him more adventurous, he wanted to see and explore what he didn't have himself, on the outside of his safe little bubble. As Kayden got older, he learnt a great deal about others lives, and he figured that his dad leaving their family wasn't as bad as things other people had to face and deal with. 

Even though he got a lot of confidence by having a large responsibility, he always had a certain amount of insecurity in himself. Was what he was doing good enough, should he do more, would his dad have been proud of him? 

Always when he would try out new things, he would hesitate, and have to have a think before he went through with something. This was something that often made people misunderstand him, or get the wrong impression. They would think he was scared, or vague, or even a coward.. but it was just his defense mechanism kicking in, making him question and hesitate, because he didn't want to do anything wrong. Didn't want to hurt anyone, or do the same to others as he felt his father did to him. Let anyone down.

This also made it hard for Kayden to get in contact with girls. He was so scared he would say the wrong things, or act in a way they would find offending. Because he had seen what one mans actions could do to a woman´s heart. He had never really had a girlfriend yet, by the age of 17-19. He had a couple of flirts at some points, but it never really went anywhere. And he didn't want to rush into anything, so he kept to his books. 

Despite his insecurities Kayden remained very open hearted, and even talked to his mother about how he felt sometimes. He had a very bright outlook on life, and wanted to maybe one day become a writer. So he could help someone else somewhere, to escape for a while. Even if it was just for a breif little moment. 

As he hangs out in the local bookshop one day, a young man on his way out drops something. Its a notebook/diary, as Kayden picks it up and are about to rush after, the young man is already long gone down the street. As Kayden starts reading the diary, to see if he can find out whom it belongs to. He experiences this whole new world, and a whole new set of feelings he has never felt before. He gets to know himself, on such a deeper level than he ever knew was possible. He has never known his sexuality to be this way before, but he realizes it through falling in love with this lost mans diary. He has to find him, it seems almost as if this young man wants him to. He needs to reach him, before its too late...

- - - -

Key characteristics: 
- bright outlook on life
- missunderstood
- adventurous
- presistant
- innocent
- insecure
- devoted
- loving
- kind

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