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Today after we had gone through some follow-up theory of writing a script, layout and learned how to use the writing software Final Draft, we got assigned a writing assignment to solve whilst at Uni. To be handed in within a couple of hours.

" - Work in pairs
   - Take your journey to Uni today as an inspiration and write it out in no more than three pages. Using these new formatting skills

Josh and I teamed up, and right away started to make a mind map trying to figure out how and what we were going to tell, in our maximum three pages script. The ideas went back and fourth, before we decided on characters and the action of the story.

We ended up writing a script called "The Wonderfull, Incredible, Amazing, Spectacular, Supernatural, Awesome Journey To Uni", a comic and fictional story, propped with bad jokes and fun humor, of how Josh and I were on a late-running train, missed the bus, and got picked up by a gummy bear in a Candy Helicopter. It turned out the gummy bear was a ghost, and there were only one marshmallow-parachute left.. and we had to decide who were the lucky one to survive, by a new way of rock, paper, scissors. - rock, paper, inflatable monkey hammock.

The writing process went really well, and it was both fun and easy to operate Final Draft. The time flew by, as we piece by piece filled up the pages. I had a blast making this script, we laughed a lot, and it was really fun combining Josh¨s humor and mine. Thanks for the great teamwork!

After we finished our script we handed it in to our course-leader Simon, and he made notes on what needed improvement, and corrected our setup and layout. A good example and comments to take with me into the process of writing my full 10-page screenplay.

//All Images shot by me
with iPhone 4s

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