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Monday 19th of October we sat down with Simon, our course-leader, to go through story boards and trailers, and the different aspects of them. 

Story Boards
- - - -

- Is a series of sketches and a planning tool to visualise the action.
- Storyboards concentrate on KEY FRAMES that make up a particular scene or sequence.
- It i simply the frames that tell the story.

Story boards is an important key part of any film - television project. It is very often used un genres such as cartoons, animations and especially action. What to remember is that there is nothing right or wrong when making a story board.

- Story boards can be used at all styles of production, and is most used in the pre-production phase.
- The more information you can show in a story board the better!
- Not all productions use story boards, but at least they will have a shot-list.
- Pre-visuals is something that is more and more seeing the light of day, and has become a more accessible and popular way to visualise.

Three main - styles:
- Graphic: The most detailed, action dependent, films and series.
- Diagrammatical: Stick-men, less artistic.
- Plan view: Drawing for each scene, viewed from above.

Shot descriptions:
- Birds-eye view, or angle view
- Extreme long shot (ELS)
- Long shot (LS), or Wide shot (WS)
Medium shot (MS)
- Close up (CU)
- Extreme closeup (ECU)

Camera movements:
- Tilt shot
- Crane shot
- Pan shot
- Tracking shot
- Dolly shot
- Two shot
- Low angle shot
- High angle shot
- Over the shoulder shot (OTS)
- The steadicam shot

- - - -

- - - -

- Were first shown AFTER the film, to "trail" the film. 
- Some trailers are shot specifically, example from early on: Psycho.

Examples of teaser trailers - Jaws and Terminator 2.

Tv trailers
- - - -

- The use of trailers to promote television programmes is now widespread. Example: Eastenders & Holby city. 

- Q to answer when making a trailer -
- What is the story?
- When is it on?
- Who is it aimed at?
- - - -

At the end of the day we got an assignment to edit a 1-2 minute trailer to the short film "SOFT" from 2007, by Simon Ellis. Edited using Premiere Pro. 
1080pHD to view in top quality.

I decided to go with an upbeat song from, mainly because I felt that this song fits perfectly to the story and pace of the action in the film/trailer. The text that is being mentioned in the song, also fits really well with the dialogue and storyline in the film. I am really pleased with the outcome, though it was a bit difficult at times to pick out what to use and not. The fact that I made it into a 2 minute long trailer, made this into a bit of a challenge at the end. But I managed to get it together, and spent quite some time editing it. Thanks to some constructive feedback from friends, I was able to change some of the aspects, to keep the suspense and not give away too much. Fun assignment, and a good preparation leading up to the editing of our own projects. 

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