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No. 3

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In camera workshop three, Monday 19th of October, the main focus was on the sound aspect of filming. And we spent time going over how to set up the sound equipment, which microphone to use how, and after the run through of theory, we were then given a task to test out the sound equipment inside. Working in groups of two, we interviewed each other, and tested out the settings and sound imagery.

Amongst theory we went over how to use conducer mic, lapel mic and dynamic mic. What dead cat and dead wombat is. (used to reduce wind and background noise in sound recordings)


- - - -

As I have had sound as my chosen subject previously, the last year of upper secondary, it was fun to get to play with sound equipment again. Even though it was a bit challenging being both cameraman and sound engineer at the same time. As you can see Imogen handling really well in this picture. You go girl!

Here is a video of us testing out the sound equipment inside the studio building.


We were also given a second assignment, to go outside and shoot a short scene in the outdoors weather. To see how this would affect the filming, and result of footage.

Imogen and I had a lot of fun playing around with the camera, trying to capture the excitement of the game hide and seek. Which we later on decided to call
"Mad Women Let Lose".

//Images from google.com

//Images shot by me
with iPhone 4s

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