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No. 2

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On Wednesday 7th of October we had our second camera workshop, and this time we got a new exercise where we had to get creative and come up with a way of telling a story about a person walking over to a chair. 

"The Chair"

Using several shots, as many as you could come up with, we had to think of how to build up the suspense of such a simple thing as just walking over, sitting down on a chair.

What was really fun, was that we got the opportunity to have our workshop in the Jools Holland set! It was really cool, and such a nice experience to see the set and get to "work" in its environment. 

I really enjoyed this workshop, and liked the way it challenged me to come up with ideas on the spot, which wasn't that easy at times. In the beginning I didn't quite know what to do or which shots to use etc. But by the time I started and got going, it kind of felt natural and like riding a wave.
1080pHD to view in top quality.

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  1. nice work! a chair becomes avant garde movie. what about a version where she just sits though? a "normal" one - to see if it cuts..

    1. Thank you Simon! haha wow, cool that you think this is avant garde!
      Once I have got some spare time after writing all the R&D posts, I will definitely take time to edit a "normal" one :)


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