Editing workshops


No. 1,2,3 & 4 

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During the last couple of weeks we have had a new editing workshop each Friday with our technical tutor Fergus Moloney. These have consisted of getting clips from various scenes handed out to edit them. We have been showed the basics of how to use all the tools in Premiere Pro, and all the general of how to use the editing program. 

Even though I have been thought and edited with Premiere for the past three years, it was really interesting to see how it could be thought in a different way than I was used to. With these programs and in this business you can always learn something new, so I kept my attention to the whiteboard and looked closely as Ferg showed us around in Premiere. 

We had all together four workshops, where each workshop brought up different elements. Here are two of the edits I did, that I ended up being the most satisfied with.

//None of the footage belong to me.
It was only given to us for learning purposes
during these workshops.

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