Monday 17th of Oct 


For the shooting of our live piece, we had originally planned to film outside the Maidstone studios in one of the car parks. However on the day of filming the weather gods were not with us, and the rain just kept pouring down outside. To solve this we decided to use our backup plan and film in one of the rooms in the base room. We carried in a table, and set up the cameras and sound before we brought our talent in and went through a little rehearsal with our co-presenter George and the two contestants - Patricia and Gavin - who we had asked to compete the week before. We recorded the rehearsal without audience as a backup in case the actual live would go terribly wrong. 

After the rehearsal we invited the audience, students, into the room to shoot the live piece - it was now or never. The recording went luckily, really well and the audience was engaged and cheered their friends on. We finished about 8 seconds early, but we found out that this actually helped save ourselves because we have a pre-recorded studio clip with Josh that takes up that time. As well as we can use the live in a slow motion replay if we need to, to fill up the time.


We used the morning of the day, before lunch (which was the live shoot 13.00-14.00), to set up our green screen. We moved all the chairs in the room and set up all the lights. Made sure to have an as even green screen as possible by using the sandbags to weigh down the fabric a bit to stretch out creases.. We marked the spot for where Josh had to stand, to not create any shadows on the green screen. We also set up the auto cue and camera, and put marks for the camera stand on the floor so we could put it back in the exact same spot when/if moving it.

After everything was set up we filmed through the script in the chronological order, filming each segment several times until we were happy with them and would have enough clips to choose from in the edit. We used a clip mic in Josh to pick up the sound and make it the easiest way to get good sound. This allowed me to monitor the sound as we filmed, and could easily change settings or let the others know if something was happening with the sound.

The filming went really well and we had no problems during shooting, the footage turned out to look really well and we believe we will be able to key it nicely in post-production thanks to the lights being right balanced. 


We decided to film our promo also in front of the green screen as we wanted to replace the backround later on in post with a virtual kitchen. As we had decided that we wanted Josh to be back in a 1960´s advert looking style, where he was dressed as a business man baking social media in his kitchen. 

This shoot was very quickly done as we already had the green screen and lights set up, only thing we did was add on the promo script to the auto cue so it would be easier for Josh to say his lines. Very efficient and happy with the result. 

//Images taken by me

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