SHOOTING DAY 1 - Interview & Package


On Wednesday the 12th of Oct the day was here and we were ready to shoot our interview with contributor Katie Joslin, and our "step by step guide to a viral video" package.

The day before the shoot we had done som preparations to be ready to roll straight away at our set shooting times for the shooting day, following day.

- We dressed our interview room
- carried in sofas and tables
- and put in props and plants

We dressed the set with items relatable to our brand and topic of our video - everything in our video are pretty much references to viral videos and internet jokes, so of course we had to include this in our set design as well. We put the numbers "9, 10 and 21" on the clapper as this is a reference to a viral video from last year. As well as we also had a pineapple on one of our tables as a hidden reference to the atm viral video "pen, pineapple, apple pen".

We set up the lighting ourselves using our own crew as stand in´s to prepare for the shoot with Kaite. We wanted the room to have a warm vibe, so we put the tungsten balanced filters on the lights, so they were warmer. Additional we put a red lamp on the table in the background to give som cool effect light on the blinds behind Kaite. At last we framed up the two cameras we were gonna use, on as a CU on Katie and the other one as a wide on the dolly tracks having both presenter Josh and Katie in frame. 

When we had finished setting up we realized that we still had two hours left before Katie would come in for her interview. So we decided to start filming the package while we were waiting. What was really helpful was that we were filming both the interview and package in the same place - Maidstone studios, base room, library uca tvp part of the building basically. So this helped us to move around quick and efficiently.

After lunch Katie were ready for her interview and we brought her into our set up little "studio". I mic´ed her up and we made sure she felt comfortable and prepared. I had briefed her on what we were going to ask her prior to the interview, so that she would feel ready to tackle our questions. We filmed our interview over several takes, and Katie kept giving us great answers. When the interview bit was finished and we were pleased with our clips we sent Katie home and continued to finish up the shooting of our package. 

After the package of the four stages was shot, we took the rest of the time left to film the reverse/nods and Josh´s questions to Katie. We did this over several takes as well, as when we shot the interview we only had Katie mic´ed up on the clip mic (and rode mic on camera) and had to record Josh asking the questions over again with him being clip mic´ed and his voice recoreded properly. In the end this method worked really well, and you can´t really tell that they are not both speaking at the same time/to each other. 

All in all the first day of filming went really, really well! And we were all really pleased that we managed to film everything we had planned to. We worked really well as a group and if anyone had any inputs we would just bring them up, or go to Becca (director) and she would bring it up with the rest. Becca did a great job as director, kept calm and kept track of time and made sure we were always on the right route. Nisserin did wonderful on the camera, and we got some reallt sweet shots on that tracking dolly. Josh was fab in front of camera and delivered the script really well, I am baffled how some people are just able to memorize everything they have to say and then to deliver it so well on screen. I did sound, and think it came out really well, hopefully the others are happy with the sound as well but I will leave that for up to them to decide. 

- - -

Here is a little outtake from our shoot, that shows our set up, style, atmos and give a feel of what the final result will look and sound like!

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