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In our original story our plan was to create two viral video´s and compare good and high-quality video vs. low production value video. And thereafter post these video´s online and see which one of them the internet respond to the best. In an attempt to go viral we created on video where we threw paper balls on Josh recorded with out cell phones. And a second video where we shot a cat with an DSLR and edited and added on special effects.

Paper balls

Twat cat
Student Yak - Timeline | Facebook

We decided that due to the fact that only the one where we throw paper balls at Josh was the only video doing quite well on the internet, already gained 1000 views in a couple of days. We only wanted to include the video that did best in the final show. 

Therefore we have now changed our story and will now only focus on the view count of the paper balls video, as this view count is much more impressive. Therefore our show will be about us trying to go viral, and this particular video be our attempt after following our own "step by step guide to going viral". We will keep the other video on our facebook as it matches our brand, and it is a bit funny. But will mainly be focusing on and basing our main story and live piece of the paper balls video.

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