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19 y.o
Currently studying;
2nd Year of
BA (Hons) Television Production at
The University For the Creative Arts


20 y.o
Currently studying;
1st Year of
BA (Hons) Television Production at
The University For the Creative Arts


18 y.o

Joined YouTube; 10th of September 2011

Currently has;
 6 587 Subscribers

Total of;
 193 872 views

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When it comes to presenters, one of the most important things we had to take into consideration was that they had to be relevant to our brand. The presenters would have to be someone the audience would relate to, therefore, having a 30-year-old as the presenter would not work. Not only did they have to be relevant to our brand, but also relevant to our topics.

Therefore we concluded that nothing would be better than to have students as presenters! They are relatable, "on the same page", have the same outlook, think about the same things, and are in the same age group.

Pretty early on, Josh volunteered to be a presenter if we decided that it would work for the production, so our choice was easy when our channel ended up being for and about students. Therefore we decided that Josh would be our "main" presenter/host in the studio bits and package.

However we still needed a Live presenter, we all sat down to do some research, and I remembered to have watched some of the first year's summer projects. Where one of the videos, in particular, had stuck out a bit and made me remember it right away. I told my group about him and we watched his video - George Wing - and all agreed that he had the right kind of humor and confidence in front of camera necessary, plus he is also a student.

After contacting George with our idea he decided to join our production, we had a meeting with him to brief him on the idea and had him sign a consent form.


When it came to the contributor we needed, we had already talked about how maybe having a YouTube as the interview object/contributor would be massively informative and clarifying for our story - about Viral videos.

We did some snooping around and Nisserin and Becca remembered to have watched Katie´s summer project where she introduced herself as a YouTuber. The decision was easy once we knew, and we contacted Katie  straight away. She has agreed and wanted to join the production, and we are in contact with her and briefing over the phone. Looking forward to interviewing her about YouTube and Viral videos. 

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//Images of Josh and George shot by our group
//Image of Katie screenshot from her youtube page

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