Fine Cut & Colour Correction


After today´s fine cut deadline session, we got some new feedback on our project, we are all really pleased and happy with what we have achieved. Now there is only colour correction and the additional final tweaks left before hand-in on Friday. 


Pull music back a bit when presenter is too low Change a few images which repeat if possible Tighten it a bit (a few walks) End is enjoyable Material handled well Clear story

- - -

Colour correction

Due to the fact that we shot for two days, the light the second day - cutaway shooting - was very different from the first day. It was much brighter, more misty and dull. Which made it quite challenging to set the right light exposure and get the settings to be the best they could, really tricky. This resulted in the cutaways not being as crisp, clear and natural, instead, they got a very yellow tint to them, almost a vintage kind of look. 

This was dealt and handled in premiere by colour correction, and underneath you can see the results. 

After the final tweaks had been taken care of as well as the colour correction the final end product, the video was exported Thursday the 5th of May. 

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