Location Scouting



Today my group and I, Imogen Polycarpou and Rosie Penn, went to the possible location for  our wildlife and nature documentary at The White Cliffs of Dover! None of us had ever been here before, and it was great seeing the whole area so we can now plan on a layout, schedule, shot lists etc. We spent about 4 hours hiking the cliffs, checking out and exploring the wildlife, nature and different viewing points. There were several routes and paths to walk, which was a good thing to know about when we are to further plan out the shooting of the film. It was amazingly beautiful! I even spent 20-30 minutes to befriend some of the wild ponies that grass there, being at a distance of 3-5 meters at the closest! Though I made sure not to interrupt them, as I used to ride horses earlier, I knew what kind of signs to look for. and I always kept an eye on signs of them feeling intimidated or angry. 

//Dover Ferry Port//

//The Victorian Lighthouse//

//Dover Ferry Port//

//Shot of me by Rosie Penn//

//All Images shot by me
with Canon 600D
Edited using Photoshop

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