Initial Ideas - Changes and update


As our initial idea, we decided to go for Imogen´s idea, with making a documentary on the bears from Wildwood that were saved from a neglective breeding station in Bulgaria.

But after Imogen had been trying to get in contact with them, and it had already been made a case on by Channel one/ The One Show, we decided to leave this idea as well. And move on to the topic coast.


In the beginning, the coast topic was not our groups first choice as we didn´t really see the potential until Helen properly introduced us to cliffs and coasts around the Kent area. After throwing ourselves out in it and embracing it as our choice, it is a topic I feel has grown very on to us all. And with more and more research it feels like we become more and more passionate for this as our project. 

- We spent the rest of the day after the tutorial with Helen researching the coast as a topic.
- Managed to find facts and existence of different species, plant and environment life. 
- Contact info has been retrieved, as well as possible experts names. 

We knew that sewage problems along the coast has been a big issue, so we did research this. But with further research and agreements on what it is that we wish to focus on we have found a lot of other interesting themes as well. So far we have chosen to take a closer look at, and explore these aspects regarding the cliffs. 

  • Cliffs, the soft, white chalk is rare geologically; it is a very pure form of limestone.
  • Erosion
  • Wildlife
  • Nature
  • Tunnels
  • The Victorian lighthouse 
  • Fishermen

As well as the different animal and nature life in the area. 

  • Wildflowers
  • Butterflies (small blue, adonis blue, chalkhill blue, red admiral, painted lady and yellow butterflies)
  • Kittiwake
  • Fulmar
  • Peregrine falcon
  • Exmoor pony
  • Hornet robber fly
  • Warblers (white throat, colourful seed eaters; linnets and yellow hammers)

We have also decided to take on different roles in the production, in order to spread out the work, and handle different positions, working as a crew/team. Which I think is a great thing to practice how it will be when we get out in the industry.

 Producer & Soundman // responsible for the scripts
(Shooting script, presenter-script etc.)
Director // responsible for casting
 Camera Op & Editor // responsible for anything do with camera 
(storyboard, shotlist etc.) and rough cut 
- - - 
Will participate and be responsible for the fine cut 

We have also decided to go location scouting to the cliffs tomorrow, Thursday 10th of March, to take a look at the scenery and such. We will be taking a lot of pictures and planning out possible shots. As well as we will be going to The Wild Cliffs of Dover - National Trust Visitor Centre, to talk to them about our Idea and ask them a bunch of questions! We´ll be leaving at 09.30 am, to get as much out of the day as possible. 

//Image screenshot from Imogen´s blog

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//Sources of information

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