Quick facts:
- Crime, Drama
- Duration per episode approx. 50 min
- 4 episodes first season, 6 episodes season two-five
- Nominated Monte-Carlo TV Festival
- 18  other nominations
- 17 wins
- -
Created by
Stuart Carolan
- -
Written by 
Octagon FIlms

LOVE/HATE is a gritty crime drama based on Dublin's criminal underworld. It depicts the drug addiction, squalor and violence of organised crime that has grown in post-boom Ireland.

Following the main characters, each involved in different crimes, whereas it escalets through the story, with drugs, women, guns. And how all of these different aspects affects friends and family. Already in the first season, we are put right into action, in medias res. Where we understand that something has already happened, one of the characters we are introduced to gets out of jail. The other just came in with a flight from Spain, we dont know why or how these things got where they are. Even though as viewers there are a few hints and clues left to figure out and pay attention to. 

This series is broadcasted on RTE Television, on RTE One, as well as RTE Player, and premiered in 2010. It is mostly filmed in Dublin, altough there are some scenes shot in bordering counties. The popularity of the show has grown alot the last couple of years, and the RTE did in november 2014 confirm that a season 6 is in the planning process, even though it would not air in 2015. 

What I find quite interesting about this series, is how there are two directors that have worked on it, but that there is mainly one. David Caffrey is the main-man and has directed a total of 25 episodes (2010-2014). While Anthony Byrne has directed 3 episodes (2011). It is very clearly that the main director has set the pace and style of this sereis, and that Anothony followed that particular style and tone while directing the three episodes he did. 

The reason I chose this series to write about is because in theme and genre it connects with the drama series I am directing, "The Mentalist." I saw an random wpisode late one night during christmas, and I realized how exciting and interesting it actually was. I wanted to see more, know the story, get to know the characters. I also felt like I want to find different series, that are somewhat the same, in a way even though theyre different. And therefore I felt like chosing sereis from different countries, would be a great way to explore the genre, themes as well as to the different or same aspects of looks, style and tone. 

Due to the previous one being American, this one is from Ireland. Which I find very cool, considering the fact that I have never really heard or watched anything from that country. It can be put in context with my drama by how they both show a glimpse into the criminal world. Even though the difference lays in the fact that The Mentalist, sees it and solves cases from "the right side" of the laws side. While on the other hand, Love/Hate shows it down and gritty in the "ghetto" itself, with all these different poeple involed, and how they live and go about in their llives. 

What I really like about this series is how it uses a fast pace editing to be "in the action" - following the characters. There is mostly handheld camera, which gives a nice touch to the style, as well as it takes the stand of "being a character on its own." It is as if we as an audience is there, one of the characters, which is done very cleverly and I really enjoy the feel to it. Another great thing is how it is used alot of detail shots and "new/wierd" angles to give it a cool look. As well as the sound design is cleverly solved, using contrasts and effect sounds in a great way. Making it very realisitc, and at times ubearable to watch. A lot of emotion reach trhough, and it did make me cry at one point. 

When it comes to how this sereis has influenced my own project, it is definitly by some of the things mentioned above. Especially I want to bring out the elements of handheld, detail shots and "New/weird" angles. This is exactly some of the things I love to try out, and are techniques I would really like to explore and learn more about. Generally because of the look and style it can bring to a piece, making it stand out a bit more, than a regular A4 film. 

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