Drama Prep


As a part of the preparation for the drama "The Mentalist" I am directing, I have made sure that all paperwork, as well as other preparations like ordering and locating props, have been done. The script is obtained from the original series and then altered to match the directorial style I wish to achieve. I have changed locations, some action descriptions and also altered one-two lines of dialogue, to make it more natural and not sounding as formal as it did in the original script.



I have chosen, after carefully thinking through, to probably leave out the few short seconds long shots of the female and manly cop characters. As these short-cut to´s does not really affect the whole scene in another way than raising awareness of whats going on. Which I feel like I can achieve without having to unnecessarily cut to surprised faces. I will,perhaps shoot the clips, but I might leave them out in the edit. All depending on whether or not I feel like they give anything to the scene.





All paperwork is ready and finished, the only thing left is to print out and get signatures, hand out and keep track of the information. Making sure that all consent forms and contracts get signed and taken care of. Kept in a safe place and not lost on shooting day, or after.

//All forms and templates from myUCA

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