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Yesterday, Monday 4th of January, we got assigned a day project where we were to make a portrait of our group. Everyone where to direct their own parts, as well as including elements that would represent you as an individual. My group consisted of four, Josh, Alex, Leo and I, quickly sat down to brainstorm our ideas. Superheros, mafia and gangsters were mentioned as to what kind of style we could imagine for the video. We ended up combining all of the different ideas into one, Super Villains.

We wanted to have fun while making it, as well as it containing humor and our different personalities. The decision fell on our group to be a film/tv crew, as this is what we are doing, and something that represent us all as a group. We then gave each other super villain names, Da Boom (Alex, on Boom/sound), Action woman (Ida, Director), The Operator (Leo, Cameraman/-operator) and The cutter (Josh, editor).

After all of this was decided we chose to go for a typical comic/action hero based introduction sequence and ending. Shot those first, before we went on to our individual scenes. I chose to write a lot because that represents all of the paperwork a director has to do. To read because that is something I really enjoy doing, when and if I get time. And last but not least I went around to scare people with the clapper, mainly because I thought it was a fun element. As well as it also represents the director's role as making action happen all around, and that I as a person love having fun and being serious but with a hint of humor at the back of my hand.

Here is the film, we could have done a bit better on time management during the day we got, but that said I think we really went all in and gave it all. Although next time, we have to make sure what we come up with is doable in the time we get. Because we had a tiny little bit of time for editing. We finished it in time but added extra effects, and Star Wars inspired transitions after, to give it the ultimate dot over i in epic.

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