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As a part of preparation towards my chosen scene from the drama series "The Mentalist", I have started the work to find actors. Through my profile on the 30th of December, I posted a job on Casting Call Pro, so I could start receiving applications. Even though I didn't have the shooting days set, or planned yet, I wanted to get out there and start this casting process early on. Due to the fact that I quite a dialogue heavy script, and want the actors to be fully prepared and confident that they can pull off the roles. 

Today I sat down and went through all of them, putting up the ones I want to audition for the three different roles.  I have decided to do audition over video recording because the actors are living at different places in England, and it makes it easier both for them and for me to communicate over the internet.

All possible candidates have now been emailed, and as I have set the deadline for them to the end of this week. I expect to make up a final decision at the end of this week/the beginning of week.

Tomorrow I will also be in contact with the head office of where I am planning to shoot my scene, which will be exciting and hopefully doable.  Hopefully during the next couple of days, I will also be able to get hold of the different props I will need.

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