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 - Part of prep work -

During the preparation and planning for this project, there was a lot to go over, to make sure that every aspect were researched and completed in the correct way. Everything from paperwork, to shot listing, finding actors, crew, locations and making sure everything would be ready for shooting day.

I started off making the shot list, where I listet all of the shots I knew I wanted to have. As well as ideas for different shots that I knew I had to write down, in order to remember them. I followed the shortlist quite specific, to make sure I got everything I needed. At the same time I made sure that I let myself have the creative space to change up shots, or to do random shots that I would might come up with during shooting. I like to work that way, because when your on set, you might discover new ideas for shots you hadn't even thought about. I decided not to use a story board this time, as I had all of the shots clearly visioned in my head, and wouldn't be able to draw them down the way I would want them to look. And I also with this project found it easier to have a better overview this way, with the shot lists.
To find my actors I used the Casting Call Pro website, where I put PAPER STAIN up as a job, for actors to apply to. It was a very interesting process, and I learned a lot. Having to write a job announcement and to follow up in dialogue with proper actors was fun, and I really enjoyed using this method to find actors.

My oldest actor unfortunately had to pull out midnight before shooting day. This was of course quite stressful, but it is in those kind of "crisis" or situations that you learn how to get around and find someone last minute. Luckily I managed to get Jack Taylor from UCA - Fashion Textile Prints course to take on the role. He had a bit of acting experience from college, and I am really glad he ended up landing the role as Terell Bray.

The actor for the youngest character, Kayden Denell was played by Tristan Pegg, whom I received an application from though CCP and truly he delivered in the role he played. I was very pleased with how he matched the character profile I had imagined, and both working with Tristan and Jack was very fun and enjoyable. For both I covered the costs of travel and lunch on the shooting days.

/In the role as - Kayden Denell/

- - - -

When it comes to crew, I was considering having someone on sound, but because the sound I would need to record in this project would be mainly general environment sounds. Due to the fact that I would record voice over afterwards, when the shooting would be finished I chose not to. 

I decided to go solo on this project, and not have any other crew with me. Looking back and also due to the risk assessment, I can see that I should probably have had at least one assistant with me to watch out, wear a high vis, inform pedestrians, and in general assist with any inconvenience etc. 

Even though I chose to work this way, it worked really well for me as I got to shoot in my pace. As in following my Call Sheet, script and shortlist. And I was really happy with the shooting, we did not run in to any problems. And I am very pleased with the footage I got. 

- - - -

/10-page screenplay re-written, down to a trailer script version/

(Sent out to actors pre-hand to shooting. As well
as printed out and handed over on first shooting day)


(Sent out to actors pre-hand to shooting. As well
as printed out and handed over on first shooting day)



(Forms signed with both actors.)


(Also signed with both actors.)

- - - -

Overall I visioned the production design to be clear, pure, simple, aesthetically clean, bright and I wanted the overall colour to be even and in a warm scheme. The props I used was the diary, which I had bought, and the leather backpack I got to borrow from Jack himself. All other props were either the locations own, or bought by me to be in the film (tea, note, pen etc.) As well as all wardrobe for this film was brought in by the actors themselves, and thanks to them and their help, we managed to match the character profiles pretty well.

//All Images scanned or screenshot

//Sources of information
MyUCA - TVP production forms

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